Don't sleep on Miss St

It will be a tough game in Starkville. It will be SR. day and they can run the football with Williams and Fitzgerald. Ross owns our secondary, and Mullen has been a thorn in Coach B’s side. Running QB’s give Smith and his defense a rough time.

Miss St has a decent front that has some speed, we should be able to score some points. Their secondary is atrocious, but Austin is beat up, he is not the same player. His body is breaking down and confidence is gone. He has been hit too much.

Lose this next game and it will be a loooooong offseason.

They had dak, and you seeing now what kind of caliber player he was…

That is true they did have Dak. But they also have a staff and players that have Beat Texas AM, and never lost to Coach B

The chances of us losing out are every bit as good as the odds of us winning out. They quit again tonight.

I for one am certainly not sleeping on Miss. State. or Mizzou for that matter. Miss State has owned our asses as of late. With Dak, granted. But Starkville is a rough out.

I am just hoping we win out, go 8-4, and head to a decent bowl. There’s still stuff to hope for.

8-4 maintains upward trend. Albeit a worse SEC record. But we managed to win all non-conference games this year.

This team is oddly flat most of the time, they will likely run for 300 and stuff our run, AA WILL THROW 2 more picks, we lose 38-21.

Then hope we can squeak by misery and play in some 3rd team bowl, then hope we find a defense in time for next year.


Misstake took a physical beating at Bama yesterday. Fitzgerald got thumped a few times. I think they get up for Bama in a big way since they are so close to each other, so that is an emotional game for them. They will be tough as always but their offense is a shadow of what it was before.

My fear is can this Oline play like they did against Florida and how bad is AA injured? That is the key to this game.

Hogs will have to earn it in Starkville. They always do. It’s never going to be an easy game, never. I don’t recall ever going to Starkville and not having your hands full.

Mississippi State will give us all we want and probably more…Fitzgerald is a very good runner and a decent passer. The Bulldogs are a scrappy bunch. They have been at the bottom of the SEC for so long it has made them tough as a boot. Dan Mullen will have them ready to go.

My question is will we be ready to play? We look tired, beat down and not enthusiastic. I understand why due to this brutal schedule, but I watched a beat down Ole Miss play inspired and whip the quarterbackless Aggies last night. We need to give that type of effort.

Excellent points. IMO the key to this game is O-Line play. We need to have a decent running game and protect Austin. This week there was zero separation for our receivers. LSU secondary played great. Austin has not been sharp the last two weeks but yesterday he had few choices with WR covered. Not to mention the LSU pass rush. I look for our D to pick up their game. They better or we’re toast.

We need to quiet the cowbells early on. The stupid annoying cowbells.

In '06, we went to Starkville with a chance to clinch the West against a Moo U team that finished 3-9. We ended up winning, but it was a war. It was 14-14 at one point and we had no offensive points – a pick-6 by Chris Houston and DMac took a kickoff to the house. Then we threw two touchdown passes, including a double reverse out of the WildHog, and won 28-14. Only ran for about 100 yards in the game.

Dawgs have to win out to be bowl eligible…trust me, they will be UP!.. With that in mind, remain patient, make no silly mistakes/turnovers and hopefully outlast them. Those annoying cowbells need to go!!!
“How do you keep a MS State fan from biting their nails?..tell them to put on their shoes!!!”…

Coach B has not beaten the Dawgs yet. We really need another SEC win. I hope the Florida team shows up.

I thought Mississippi State was a sure win a month ago. Not anymore. Starkville is a tough place to play and that team still has a chance to make a bowl game. I think Arkansas will have its hands full for all the reasons Gage listed, in particular the dual-threat QB and Fred Ross.

Another note on Starkville, it is one of the loudest places in the SEC. The cowbells obviously play a factor, but they also closed in one of their end zones a few years ago and they pipe in music louder than anyone else. I left the 2010 game with the worst headache of my life. I bring earplugs now.

I would add Austin Allen’s recent play as a reason to put it back in the tossup column.

The reason I thought we had a chance vs LSU is that we had a far superior QB. Then he was outplayed by a total scrub.