Don't see any news on the New Orleans game tonight

I’m out of town and trying to find out if we won, or got rained out, or whatever.

The game is tomorrow night.

Cool, I must need to get my days figured out. Thanks. At least I won’t miss the game now.

Yeah, it is tomorrow, which is the only day that is supposed to have cold(er) weather this week.


I bit weird not to have a game on Tuesday night of spring break. It’s the first real break in the schedule in quite some time. It will help to have lots of arms fresh for the weekend – unless the Hogs go extras tonight. New Orleans and LSU played an extra inning game a week or so ago. That is something coaches hate. It just takes up too much pitching ahead of a conference weekend.

The Hogs actually finished the Miss State series with some pitching left in the tank. Both Barrett Loseke and Kevin Kopps were ready on Sunday, but didn’t get the call. You want to seven to nine guys ready for an SEC weekend. I think the Hogs have that now.

Well, I’m over the excitement of the basketball season. Ready for some baseball!

The Hogs seem to have a pretty balanced team. They are off to a great start. They need to win this game to go into the weekend series with Mizzou hot. Mizzou needs to be brought back down to earth. They are off to a phenomenal start.

The game is on Watch ESPN at 6 pm. I will be watching.

Go Hogs!!!