Don't over think this.

You did the right thing by having Gus tell you no, so that completely ends the Gus rumors forever. Now go hire your AD and coach. Don’t add names to the process unless you have to. If it’s down to Norvell and Morris make your choice and let’s go. I’m not an expert but here are some opinions about the others:

Lane Kiffen: He will be gone like a thief in the night. This is a stepping stone job to him and when a big fish call in a few years he’s out and secondly the guy is crazy.

Mike Leach: Its becoming a young man game. Leach is getting up there in age and also y’all wouldn’t be able handle him in Fayetteville.

Charlie Strong: He is very intriguing, but I’m not a big fan of his offenses and those special teams be bad everywhere he goes. Need some excitement.

Brent Venables: He has strong Texas ties but don’t know what he will bring offensively.

Kevin Sumlin: I do like Sumlin as a wildcard, but he had some talented teams at A&M and had the chance to claim the state of Texas while the Longhorns were down and couldn’t do it, so Im on the fence with him.

Bottom line I really don’t want a retread. I’ll roll the dice with the up and comer such as Morris or Norvell and let it do, what it do. I’m team Morris. The man was a important part of the rebuild at Clemson and has righted the ship at of all places SMU. He has extensive Texas ties meaning he can recruit the entire state and being at Clemson he had to get some ties in Georgia and South Carolina. Go get our coach and let’s get this ship righted and I think Chad Morris is the man for the job.