Don't lose the faith folks

We knew this was going to be s tough year

Just want our Razorbacks to learn and not get anyone (Austin) killed

A Bowl game is still possible

Just not ready for prime time yet - we got a great coach

Be calm let these Hogs grow

I’m with ya brother…plenty to gripe about tonight. We need to rest up next week and get back on track. But get Austin out of there.

We knew this type game was overdue. We walked into a hornet’s nest tonight and got stung really bad.

It is not the end of the world.

He is not a great coach. Great coaches have their team prepared every week even if over matched. Great coaches are usually great recruiters or hire great recruiters and great assistants. We do neither. We get coaches from Maine, western Michigan and. Samford. Not impressive hires. Enos seems to be the only keeper and I have never heard of him being a recruiter.

Sorry, but I disagree with “he’s not a great coach”…he’s just got to get more talent.

Coaching is 85% recruiting.

Total fail tonight.

But going in they were 17th in the country.

It’s one thing to be frustrated and you should be.

Segrest played at Alabama, coached in the NFL - not just as Samford

Anderson was Tim Brady’s center at Michigan - and coached in the NFL.

Rhodes was the head coach at Iowa State and also a defensive coordinator at Auburn.

Enos played and coached at Michigan State, not just Central Michigan.

Mitchell was a highly respected guy at Kansas State.

Lunney’s resume includes Tulsa, San Jose State, but he did once want to offer a guy name Wes Welker at Tulsa and was told by the head coach he would never amount to anything.

LSU continues to want Smith.

Hargreaves has coached at several places and has a nice rep.

To act this is just a bunch of no names with no resumes is just silly in my opinion

I think we have good coaches. With lesser coaching, we lose even more than we have the last few years. That being said, we have never been able to consistently recruit at the level we need to to consistently compete with the top half of the league. I don’t know that we can. In years when we have an veteran team and limited injuries, our solid coaching allows us to be a solidly competitive team. The rest of the time, unlike the top teir programs, our talent is not good enough to overcome the inexperience or injuries. To be honest, I think the only way we can recruit with the top of the conference is to cheat like Ole Miss and Auburn do (long history behind this statement).

The voice of reason. Thanks Dudley. Emotions put folks over the top.

Things are never as good as them seem and are never as bad as they seem…Lou Holtz…

Outside of the defensive coordinator (IMO), our coaches are fine. They are likely in the top half of the SEC come game day. Sadly that is only half of the story. They are average recruiters. They are no different than the previous two staffs. We rank where we typically rank come signing day. It shows in the numbers and it shows on the field. Now someone is going to come on here and tell me again how well CBB and staff recruit and how we are beating out Bama and LSU for all this talent.

I am not seeing in on defense or on the OL

I like Coach B, but he has to make a move on his DC, this is just a bent over butt whopping we took. because the defense was just out of place.

It’s an embarrassing loss, but it’s still only one loss. We’ve beaten two pretty good teams this year. This is the 5th ranked team we’ve played. We’re 2-3 against them. Auburn had the advantage of a bye week. It’s our 7th game in a row against tough competition. I’m not saying that was the difference in the game, but it probably contributed to the margin. I don’t think we’re good enough to win out, but it’s conceivable we do. If OM beats LSU, I could see the Tigers folding the tent after their almost certain loss to Alabama. We should beat MSU & MU. If we split LSU/UF, we still finish 8-4–an improvement over last year.

Who are the 2 pretty good teams? 1) Ole Miss 2)???

Agreed. Use the bye week to get healthy and ready for stretch run. Despite the bad loss tonight, it doesn’t change my opinion that we can win each of the last four games.

Whew -

I think the coaches are fine

I hate saying this

It’s a rebuilding year - so I’m not excited yet

But very disappointed

I think Arkansas fans have been long suffering - we deserve a SEC Title after suffering so long with total fails

But asking a rebuilding team to produce a Championship in the toughest div of the toughest conf in the land is too much this year

I think we are seeing the up and down performance of a rebuilding team

It has talent - esply at QB to dazzle but this team doesn’t have the maturity yet to be consistent

Sorry for the rant

I’m very disappointed in such s butt whooping but I’m more disappointed in the cry to fire coaches with a rebuilding team

Hope Austin is ok and the team gets focused and starts over

I haven’t lost the faith, but I expect a competitive team. We were not close tonight.

Well, I was thinking of TCU, but they lost tonight to a good WVA team. Still, TCU isn’t bad. LaTech is a pretty good team. Regardless, we’ve played an incredibly difficult schedule so it’s not surprising we’ve lost 3 games. We don’t have a great team, but I suspect we’re still as good or better than half or more of the teams on our schedule. We will find out as the season progresses, but even within the SEC I’m not sure there are better teams than the ones we’ve lost to. If we end up 7-5–a realistic expectation–we will end up in a decent bowl. Perhaps you believe that means we should fire our coach & get someone who’ll get us to the point where it’s down to us & Bama every year for the SEC championship, but that “someone” probably isn’t out there.

My kind of rant…agree on all points.

Count me among those who believe in our coaches and our team, 100%!

We are a better team than we showed tonight, much better I believe.

It was a perfect, ugly, unpleasant storm. Honestly, I couldn’t finish the game today, it was just too painful.

Trust me, we lost to a team high, very high on my list of those I most want to beat, year in and year out. I wanted this one!

We were clearly emotionally drained after last week and they were rested, ready, and gunning for us big time.

No excuses, I am shocked and disappointed. Our coaches and team must be as well, I am certain it is far worse for them.

We surely can all agree on our tough-as-nails quarterback. Austin is talented and incredibly tough, mad respect. Praying he is okay, he took a beating.

Already eager to leave this miserable game in the rearview mirror. Today and everyday, love my Razorbacks.

He’s a good coach. He may not be a great coach. But, I wouldn’t base it on him nor having them ready, tonight.

His best attribute, before tonight, has been that he generally has them ready to put up a good fight.

Tonight he failed miserably in that regard and that’s on him.

Having said that, even the great ones (and hes not great) don’t have their teams up every game.

The infallible Urb, who had won an amazing 20+ road games in a row, lost tonight as a 20+ point favorite.

His 5-star OL was whipped by the much-less heralded Penn St front four.

Having said that, I guess it depends upon your definition of “keeping the faith” as to whether I can at this point.

I have a sneaking suspicion that as HC at Arkansas, CBB and most anyone else is going to be a 7-9 win per year coach regardless of resources and the requisite wailing and gnashing of teeth.

That is, of course, unless we get a flashy offense and cheat our butts off. Then, we might be 3-4 and the 3rd best team in the country.

Was the previous coach cheating his butt off?