Don't look now

But Kent State and #2 Houston are tied in the final 3 minutes. At Houston.

Kent State up 1 with a minute left

Houston scored, then blocked a layup and fouled him with the body AND the arm, no call. Up 1 with 28.9 left, about to shoot free throws.

Cougar High is going to survive, largely due to home cooking in the last minute.

Can’t take any games off in hoops. Still can’t believe Colorado beat Tennessee.

Nope and if we come out there about half cocked Troy will give us all we want, maybe more.
You have to be ready every time you lace up those shoes.

Goodness , I just saw Colorado’s record is 1-10

No. They are 3-3, but 2-0 against the SEC. Besides beating Tenn, they also beat a 25th ranked (at the time) A$M by nearly 30.

Gotta bring it every night in hoops, because with the portal, everyone has players these days.

I looked at it wrong :grin:

No worries.

In football you better show up ready to play too!
It’s just nice to see our Hogs earn some respect. Of course there’s a few pundits that don’t like our hogs no matter what or how they are playing.

It’s OK army, we’ve got them right where we want them. IN BB at least, FB not so much. All I will say is Sam the man that I almost broke my neck falling down the hill across from the stadium to watch his pressor to show my support. Will earn every penny he gets from here. Got to hold the team together some how!!

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