Don't look now

But the Aggies are up 17-7 on Bama. In the first quarter.

Still gives us a chance to win the West. Yeah, I said it.

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The sheep are nervous :rofl:

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And lining up and running it right down their throat amazing!

And Bama just threw a pick in the end zone. Two early Tide turnovers.

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QB all of a sudden doesn’t look bad when he’s got a good running game. Hasn’t missed a pass yet

Might be a good sign for us.

Anything’s possible in college football. You just don’t ever know on a given Saturday

Unless you’re running a 3 man line on defense then… well…

Yeah amazingly it worked great against the Texas boys but once we got in the SEC it’s been wood shed time

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generalhog that is my exact thought. I was coming in to post. Maybe we are better than we thought. 1 play away from being the talk of college. Darn I am batting 1000% on what if’s games.

I really don’t like those plays at the opponents 6inch, 1,2,3 yard line. Just not room for a play to develop. Thus a running play is better.

The very reason nobody on this board is the head coach at Arkansas or me…

Yep, A&M, who’s in the SEC, took us to the shed for sure… it was embarrassing. Then of course GA… shame on us for that one and then of course the 1 point loss at Ole Miss… shameful… Pretty sure we won’t win another game this year other than UAPB… hopefully we can win that one…

Just curious… why aren’t you still coaching?

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yeah I forgot about A&m being in the SEC Who said anything about us not winning another game SA!! The last two games have been woodshed time and we’ll have to get a whole lot better going forward.Stevie Wonder can see that but I guess you can’t LOL.I don’t coach anymore cuz I @$$__well don’t want to …you got a problem with it???

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I was sold on our defense early on. I don’t know what to think now. The back end was suspect, but the interior defense was solid. Give Ole Miss credit they reeled off big plays at will. Just hope this gut wrenching loss doesn’t carry over


If you look closely, you will see that we have several defensive players that are playing injured and unfortunately that’s the difference.

Aggies kick a field goal at the gun, won 41-38. Georgia is #1. They were #1 anyway.

100% correct. We need more quality depth. Don’t have it right now. And Gig ‘em Aggies!!!

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No doubt.

I enjoy intelligent posters who pay attention to the game, thank you.

Wow… guess I touched a nerve, no… I don’t have a problem with it. I’m sorry if you thought that was a shot at you, that wasn’t my intent. You’re clearly knowledgeable and passionate about the game and was just curious but it’s none of my business and I shouldn’t have asked in a public forum. My Bad.

I do know the last two games were “woodshed” and we need to get better but the constant negative about the team was getting on my nerves. You don’t like the 3 down, got it.

Sorry again for upsetting you so much…