Don't look now...

But the Jonesboro Teachers College Pink Puppies are leading Wichita State in the first half at Wichita. I’m sure WSU will take over and win by 30 against a 4-7 ASWho team, but nice showing so far.

We need 1 upset this week among the top 25 teams for us to get ranked next week. Here’s hoping ASU can pull it off. A home loss to a 4-7 team completely knocks them out of the rankings.

The Puppies have extended their lead, now 47-40 late in the first half. Kinda sounds like the Shockers are mentally already having Christmas dinner at home. Or taking the turkey-induced nap afterward. ASU is shooting 65%, 64% from deep. I suspect Gregg Marshall is blowing multiple gaskets.

16 minutes left, ASWho still up 5.

Wichita up 3 at the under-12 TVTO.

Wichita now up 11 with about 6 minutes left.

By the way, as is my usual practice, I have an alternate name for WSU. But it’s not allowed on this board. So I’ll dredge up another one, more board friendly, dating back to the Gene Smithson era when they went to the Final Four in 1981: the Cheatshockers.

Cheatshockers win by 9