Don't let Rob Smith back on the bus....

can’t take anymore of this vanilla scheme and lack of aggression. Rush 4, rarely blitz, poor tackling, no speed, etc. It’s not all his fault, but something needs to change.

Yes I’m glad we won, but it took a historic effort by the offense.

Coach BB has been hinting around the last few weeks about a coaching change.

Thank god, hopefully they will go out and spend the money necessary and a good name to go along with it for recruiting.

Coordinators are rarely big recruiters. They’re hired for X’s and O’s, not for recruiting. Their job is to take the guys the other assistants recruit and figure out how to win with them.

What does Coach O make at LSU? (Before being promoted).

I’ve wondered if he’d be someone we might go after. I’m pretty sure he won’t get the HC job after losing today. I wasn’t too sure he’d get it if he won out after the Bama loss. Regardless, he’s a great recruiter & apparently a very good coach. He blew it at Ole Miss as the HC, but he’d sure be an intriguing option. Charlie Strong might be a very good option, too. We all know he’s toast at Texas–Texas toast, if you will.

I suspect Charlie will sit out at least a year and enjoy getting paid to do nothing. Unless he gets a buy out that lets him coach without being penalized. Texas might do that, but I bet they don’t.

Orgeron is not a defensive coordinator. Why do people bring up his name?

I just assumed he was. Sorry about that. Don’t know why I thought that. :?

Likely because he has so much history on defense. I thought he had been a DC in the past. Obviously I was wrong.