Don't let J. J. Ruin our Season

As far as everyone else’s concern, the FL game was penciled as L and paid for. In reality nothing lost and nothing gained. It was only us who hoped that we may stay with them to the end and give ourselves a chance. So much for that, we were knocked out in the opening of the first round and the rest was a rope-a dope. The game that has the most meaning is the one with GA. Lose this one and get demolished in first game of the SEC tourney, we’ll be crying in our bear. GA has nothing to lose and everything to gain. If we show up again sleepy headed and in stupor, and give them double digit lead, you can be sure J.J. knows how to finish; I have watched him too many times and it’s not pretty, but it gets it done. Don’t let another MS. ST happen!

If we lose to Georgia and then lose the first game in SEC tournament, it will be a repeat of 2014 and headed to the NIT.

No one is going to be happy with NIT. Just as well stay home and lick their wounds.

What a negative thought! Don’t worry so much. This is not 2014 and we have more offensive weapons. We also know how to close. What we all need to do is hope that our hogs come out knocking down some shots and control the game. J J has a freshmen, Crump, to help him. We have a deeper bench and should be able to hold them off.
Get their big man in foul trouble early which he has been doing lately! JJ will be tired and we need to run him as hard as we can.
As for me guys I would rather think we beat Georgia and win the first game of the SEC tournament. We will know the result of the first one tomorrow afternoon.
Maybe then you can find something positive to post!

I hope CMA isn’t going to play a trapping man defense all game as a way to wear down JJ Frazier. Frazier will love our Man defense because he can score on the perimeter or he has easy lanes to drive to the basket and pick up fouls on us. JJ is one of the quickest guards in the SEC and that puts him up there with UK’s Darrion Fox. He will be a nightmare to cover in Man for our guards. Our unique match up Zone should not be considered as a traditional zone, which has been very apparent that the fan base has some bias against Zone…this aint no normal zone.

I know this sounds funny, but we should make JJ run against the man to man trapping press. Mark Fox said after their last game his team was tired, it has been a long season. Make them run, they’ll get tired. JJ is an incredible player, but if he is gassed and cramping and the rest are worn out, they won’t be able to score or stop us.

I agree with your opinion about the zone, this is just a game I think would benefit us to run.

Our team is at its best defensively as well as offensively out of this zone against a half court team like Georgia, so I hope we open in it and only switch for moments to keep Georgia on their heels! I say zone it up 80 percent of the time starting today on through the tournaments!!!

You may be right. How about we meet in the middle? Let’s start with Zone to get our team comfortable and then spring the trapping Man on them after a couple of big emotional plays? THEN use the zone the moment that the Man defense is showing a trend of getting beat. THEN switch back to Man for a bit then Zone, then…rinse and repeat

I actually think that’s what CMA will do, only I expect the opposite, start in man 2 man and switch to zone, then back

This may be the time for Mike to spring a “box and 1” defense. Playing a team who has a guard scoring 30 ppg recently would be a perfect candidate for that D. The problem for the Hogs though is do we have the guys who could play the “and 1” and come close to staying with JJ.

I tend to agree in assigning one player on him regardless what defense we play; and change to a fresh one often. He is the head of the snake, cut him, we’ll have the game.