Don't know what to make of this team

They just don’t seem to have any focus. Especially on passing and getting back on defense.
The full court press seems non existent, or else they really can’t execute it.
Really struggling to find a shot and seems to force way too many.
I know I sound negative, but do far, I haven’t seen a lot of positive things to compliment.

As soon as I post this, they go to halftime only down by two.

They have forced 13 turnovers tonight and are shooting 55 percent, 73 percent in the second half

I think at times we think to be critical first when they have bad stretches

Guilty as charged. They really came on just before the end of the half, but have played much better the second half. Guess I should wait until the game is over to post.

I think thats advice all of us need to take :slight_smile:

A lot of people have made themselves look really dumb with hasty first half posts in multiple sports. It ain’t just you.

I am so Glad! I didn’t post anything in the 1st half, or that Crow would have been sooo bitter…

Well, when I first posted, I was reacting to what I was watching. They weren’t playing very well. They did, however, regroup and played very well, especially in the second half.
Dudley, as he always does, presents facts to put things into perspective, instead of reacting in emotion. Sometimes we can’t see the forrest for the trees.
I will make it a point to be more patient in my critical evaluation of the performance of all Razorback sports. I will try really hard!