Don't know if this has been discussed

on this forum already, but I saw today that Fayetteville is ranked the #1 best city to live in among all the SEC school hometowns (actually a ranking of 125 best U.S. cities had Fayetteville, Ar #4, which put them #1 among SEC towns). I thought that was interesting on a lot of levels considering Nashville, Knoxville, and Lexington are all very nice places. But also, I hear a lot on this board how it is so difficult to attract top notch coaches to UofA in no small part because supposedly living in Fayetteville is such a negative. Who knows, maybe CEM had taken note of that ranking and that contributed to his excitement about heading our way!

I think what contributed to his excitement was $2.5 million/year.

well…that too :smiley:

And a raise of $1.5m and opportunity to jump from mid-major to P5. I don’t think this move proves anything.

Of course, my remarks about the new coach’s decision based on Fayetteville was a little tongue-in-cheek, and aimed more at off-setting the many posts on this board about little ole nwa being such a bad draw for potential coaches, recruits, etc. I have never believed that and wouldn’t believe it even had I not noticed the subject ranking of cities.

Fayetteville has been at the top of this ranking for SEC cities for several years I think.

My tentative plan is to retire some time in the next 6 to 10 years (hoping for 6, but have my doubts the numbers will work in 6 years). Also part of the plan is to move to NWA at that time. My wife grew up there. In addition, my oldest (who is finishing his masters this year) is planning to stay in NWA.

Stuff like this sure makes me want to move there all the more.

I love NWA! (Can do without the traffic, but, it is what it is!)

Was in another thread and being sent to recruits. Not sure if that meant all recruits in all sports.

I think the city of Fayetteville is a draw for coaches because they are thinking long term, or at least hoping for something that lasts awhile. They have families, want their kids in good schools, etc. I know coaches who have lived all over and retire here because they love the town. It’s a factor - one of many - in a decision whether to take a job.

I don’t think a lot of 17-year-olds care about crime rates, farmer’s markets or where the cost of living relates to the national average. The No. 1 place to live in the SEC is a clever sales pitch, but I don’t know that it is a very effective one in recruiting.

That makes perfect sense

I don’t remember anyone ever saying Fayetteville is a negative to recruiting coaches. It is a negative to recruiting kids that want a more urban environment.

I thought the same thing. Doesn’t hurt, but I don’t see it having a big affect on recruits.

I think this combats the perceptions that Arkansas is very rural and not a good place to be. A city is not going to be ranked as a best place to live if there are not plentiful entertainment options, for one thing.