Don't know if CMA

Not only have MA’s teams underperformed for Arkansas this team has imploded. That doesn’t speak well for the future if there’s not a change now.

Fair enough, but I don’t know if you’ve seen me put the # of wins to make the tourney. I know there isn’t a set number, but at AR the numbers are 19 and 20. Since both the NCAAT and NIT came into existence (1939) if AR has got to 20 wins, they’ve made the tourney every year but once (28 out of 29 times). That one year was Mike’s 3rd (NIT). Since 85 when the tourney field became 64 and the NIT 32, if AR has won 19 they’ve made one of those tournaments except for one year (Mike’s 2nd). People like to use the SEC was down, but Mike appears to have won enough based on history to get us there, unfortunately the conference being down actually hurt us. Kind of a double edged sword. So, does he also get a bye for that? Or is just his tough luck?

My opinion because of those numbers, he should be excused for the first three years (you said two), but that means only years 4, 5, 6, & 7 should count. Year 8 isn’t over yet, so you really can’t count it yet. So, he has 3 NCAAT in four years. Using your seasons (starting year 3), he has 3 NCAAT and an NIT in five years. There aren’t that many programs with that much success.

There is no question that I expected us to be in Final Four or two by now. So, yes that is under-achieving. Hard to argue against that. But this is the way I see it.

If you want to retain him, you look at the last five years and a trend that seemed to be developing over the last 4 years and discount this year because of a brand new and young roster.

If you want to release him, you go back 8 years and make a decision based on 8 year record. But if that is the reasoning, there was no reason to wait till this year fully knowing it was going to be 16 or so win season. That makes it sound like you were just waiting like a cat for this season to go bad and then pounce on him. That is what I mean by not looking good to outsiders, That is if I take this job, make the tournament consistently but not win big and then one bad season and I am gone.

As far as recruiting, I have my thoughts that I think I have shared before. I believe Macon-Barford class was the first one that Mike was able to recruit with strength. Then I thought it really got better and better with the 2018 class until Perry left and there was no 5 star to replace him. I thought we would still be okay until we now see Henderson not performing at all and Chaney underperforming. Maybe I was sold into the Arkansas 5 hype. So, at the end of the day recruiting has not been up to par. There are many theories out there, some of them sinister ones. But it is what it is and the buck stops with Mike.

If the AD has someone like Donovan ready to come, I think they should make the change now. But releasing Mike now and bringing in someone who has won at Houston, for example, to me is quite risky.

Now looking at it from Mike’s side, I had posted at the time he was hired that coming home was a bad move on his part. He left a program that he had reestablished and jumped into a dumpster fire. But I am going off topic here.

I’ve often wondered if the people who were calling Nolan “No-Win” and clamoring for his dismissal in 2001-02 have ever owned up to the fact that getting what they wanted put us into what is now a 17-year valley of limited success. Actually, I don’t, and I figure a lot of them are the same ones on Hogville calling for Mike’s scalp now.

You could make a case for Mike’s dismissal, clearly. You can also make a case to keep him. Whichever course HY takes, he’d better get it right. We were completely irrelevant for the entire decade of the 1960s, as in four winning seasons, zero NCAAs and zero NITs. We could be there again if we screw this up.

Here’s the thing about that though, when CMA took over this job the SEC was as weak as it’s ever been, despite what people say, it’s actually harder to make the tournament when you’re in a weak conference rather than a stronger conference. For example this year, we haven’t been very good this year, and up until this last loss we were still on the bubble because our SOS was so good and we had so many opportunities for quality wins.

That team in 13-14, won 22 games, including beating a ranked Kentucky team twice. You cannot tell me that wasn’t a tournament quality team, the non-conference scheduling of other SEC teams killed our conference RPI and made it extremely difficult to make the tournament from the SEC unless you beat both Kentucky and Florida (which they almost did). We won 10 games in conference that year with 2 wins against Kentucky and that wasn’t enough to get a bid. Do you penalize CMA for not making the tournament that year because other SEC teams don’t know how to schedule? Because it was a known problem and the SEC office addressed and brought in and hired someone specifically to deal with and teach SEC teams how to schedule, and you see it’s improved. You know better than most sometimes the difference in teams skill level when you’re doing out of conference scheduling in minimal, but if you schedule a team that’s 150 RPI rather than 300 RPI it makes a world of difference for your tournament resume.

And my pet peeve is when people say only 3 tournament appearances and not advanced past the the 1st weekend, they never put any context to it, and that matters. We legit got hosed by the refs against UNC a couple years ago. That game was absolutely stolen from us. And as you can see by the news today on the ref that was a LSU fan that was lead official for their game vs Tennessee, that getting bad/bias refs happen and it’s nothing the coach can do about it. UNC already had more talent than us, and you expect them to outplay the players and the refs? That’s just unreasonable. But, people always want to leave that information and say it doesn’t matter they still lost, then those same people will be like last year wouldn’t have been so bad if we didn’t get blown out in the first round. It’s just hypocritical, so it matters when we get blown out, but if the refs hose us and stop us from getting to the sweet sixteen that does’t matter?

Ah Baked you beat me to it lol. I don’t know why more people don’t get that, if you follow the conference and pay attention that’s common, but most fans don’t care. To me information like that matters.

This is spot on. I think CMA gets another year.

Do finally Blu you mention the screw job we got in 13-14 and also the screwing the hogs took against North Carolina. A walk, charge or a foul over the back anything could have been called and yet nothing was. The fact remains the hogs was a sacrificial lamb for a blue blood eneoute to the final 4 yet again! It reminds me of 95 when UCLA got by with walking, charging and fouling and no whistle. The hogs got screwed them too! Nothing has changed.
The hogs get screwed bad enough in trips to Ole Miss, Miss St, LSU and Kentucky in conference play.
The Tennessee @ LSU game was a exact replay of the Arkansas @ LSU game a few weeks ago. The ref Jordan called 44 fouls on that game 29 on Tenn and 15 on LSU !
The other 2 refs called 42 combined fouls.
Tennessee took 16 free throws while LSU took 31.
LSU took 38 in the hogs game and I think the hogs took 11.
There may be more to it than just one bad game for refs.
Will Wade will have to appears in Federal court soon so his outstanding recruiting effort he has bought and paid for may come back and cost him!
People need to look around and realize the climate of recruiting and undestand that high profile recruits are bought and paid for! Perry included. We may revisit that in the near future. The dirt is being throw by those found guilty in an effort to save their own rear ends.
We are better off with CMA as our coach. He needs to find some players and get him strength and consulting program fixed. They can’t look like tooth picks and keep getting pushed around. He also may need to change his staff! Win at all cost is not the right answer.

That’s my thoughts as well Army.

And to the others, I promise I don’t mean to come off like I’m just looking for excuses for CMA, because I’m not trying to, I’m just saying there’s context involved here too. You change a couple things that were out of his control in his tenure here and it looks completely different.

If anything you would think with all the information the FBI is putting out about all these coaches/programs cheating and how unethical a lot of these coaches are, CMA would get a little understanding from some of our fans because he could have played that game and put the university at risk and landed Perry and our situation would be much different right now.

That third year, we scheduled absolutely terrible, and it bit us. 305th non-conference schedule in the nation. We were indeed close, but crapped the bed at the end of the season, which on top of the soft schedule and the fact that we didn’t capitalize on a weak SEC left us out.

So, that’s one year. I didnt raise hell when we didn’t make it. Had a really good year the year after. Being one year off is not that big of a deal for me. Still, it was below a reasonable standard.

You’re right on not counting this year yet. I haven’t been practicing what I preach in this thread - wait until the year is over. Still, without this year, it’s still under the standard that should be there for a program with our capabilities.

Why should we excuse this year when evaluating his performance? Again, why did we have to go out and add 9 players? Don’t you agree the roster management or signing better players would’ve put us in a better position?

I don’t discount the positive trend before this year, but two rebuilding years in a four year period is tough to swallow.

If Yurachek is faced with a decision, it will be a tough one. Arguments for and against for sure, and I guess my main argument is that both sides have many valid points. I’m ok either way. I’ve said it before; one of the great things CMA has done is stabilize this program. I think it’s be very attractive, especially compared to past coaching searches.

I’ve had the scheduling conversation with some past admistration friends. The head coach has great influence on the schedule. I’ve never given any coach a pass on that. Again, our non-con schedule was atrocious.

My take of our NCAAT success - Do better in the regular season to get a better seed and improve your path.

I’m proud CMA took the high road and stood by his own ethical code and followed the morale compass we should all follow.
As this FBI thing slowing goes along and information comes out you can look at the top 25 and most of those schools have been mention. Tennessee, Nevada and Wisconsin are the only ones I haven’t heard so far.

Fair enough. Appreciate the civil dialogue. Always appreciate your posts.

This is why I said I’m interested in this situation… all about judging HY as a decision maker.

One of the main arguments about Coach Anderson is that he is not recruiting quality D-1 talent to the University. Considering that the SEC’s new Golden Boy Wil Wade is about to speak to FBI investigators, not to mention the crap with Howland and Seth Greenberg and Ms. Perry in regards to Reggie going to MSU. AND not to mention Pearl and Calipari, I can see why Coach Anderson, as well as most honest Coaches would have trouble bringing in top level talent. Hard to compete with cash, vacations, grade fixing, and handing out jobs and favors.

Our non-conference schedule that year consisted of SMU, California, Minnesota, Gonzaga, Clemson, and Louisiana (who had Elfrid Payton). There was quality teams in that non-conference schedule that year, we typically always play 5-6 challenging games, then rest are “cupcakes.” That’s nothing new. Now, it could have been better there was 4 300+ RPI teams on there, which is something you don’t want, however when we got to conference play 14 out of 18 conference games our SEC opponents had a 78 or higher RPI. That means there was only 4 opportunities in our conference to get a resume win and we won half of those games. That’s not all on the head coach non-conference scheduling. You know better than most that it’s really tough to make the tournament when your conference gives you almost no opportunities for a quality win.

Come on man, you follow recruiting more than anyone on here. I remember reading a report from you on Hogville about how much you liked Khalil Garland and wished Arkansas had a shot with him about how good he was, when no one thought he’d end up with Arkansas. Now you’re going to act like him not being cleared isn’t a huge deal? And I know you know funny stuff went on with Reggie Perry. And I’m not even going to mention Darious Hall, because unexpected transfers do happen, but Khalil’s situation is rare, and a staff recruiting a kid since the 8th grade and claims that school is his dream school, then takes a trip to Italy sponsored by an Adidas, then flips to an Adidas school doesn’t happen everyday either. This roster with those 2 kids alone would have made this season completely different. The 2016, 2017, and 2018 recruiting the staff done was good enough to keep us on stable ground and progress. Had those guys been here, nobody on here would be talking about roster mismanagement.

I don’t understand why some people just refuse to tell the whole story. Nobody is claiming this is a good season, but tell the whole story, and it’s weird coming from you, because you are knee deep in recruiting so you know this stuff and know a school like Arkansas can’t afford to lose a committed McDonald All-American they recruit for 4 years without it really hurting, and then on top of that not even get a single minute from a top 100 in-state kid. Missouri, Texas A&M, and Vanderbilt all lost 1 key guy they were suppose to have, and look at their records… all worse than ours. We lost 2 key pieces, on top of having injuries in the off-season to incoming freshmen, but it’s just “roster mismanagement” and needing to recruit better players on our staff’s end. Gotcha.

I don’t know why some of our own fans refuse to acknowledge that losing a McDonald-All American that our staff recruited for 4 years to tampering isn’t a big deal, and a big reason why our record is what it is right now.

I mean imagine our 13-14 team without Bobby Portis. How many games does that team win? That’s the quality of player Perry is, and he’s literally getting better as the season is going on, he’s everything we’d thought he would be, and he probably would have been even better here, because Mississippi St was older and started older guys over him until a few weeks ago, he would have started here from day 1 and probably be our 2nd leading scorer right now.

Garland not being cleared to play hurt last year and this year! Perry and Garland on this years team and we would be a top 25 team. Pretty easy. Garland can flat out shoot the ball. Add in there the transfer of Hall!