Don't know if CMA

will return, but who’s on your wish list if he isn’t retained…I think I would go after Fred Hoiberg.

Hoiberg said in Ames last week he will coach again Iowa State was the perfect college situation for him.

How about the Houston coach?

Our AD hired a up and coming football coach and I would bet if it comes to it he will do the same with basketball hire. WPS

Peoples selected Morris. The AD gave an open ended statement about it. In my opinion he jumped on the fence, that way if things go south, he can point fingers at Peoples, if things go North, he can take the credit.

That’s what I thought but on 2 different sports sites it listed Hunter as the one hiring Morris, I looked up before posting because I wanted it to be right. Either way and continue to think he will go in that direction and thanks for pointing out the discrepancy as I thought that also but went with what I read after googling. WPS

Just to be clear, I believe (don’t quote me) that Yuracek’s statement was something like Julie (Peoples) did the leg work, I just came in an pushed the needle.

That’s why I said that, to me Yuracek is playing the field and trying to appease the Good Ole Boys. Probably not a good idea, that’s the one thing you have to give Long credit for, he didn’t. His comments about Nolan’s name, his straddling the fence on the Morris hire, his wishy, washy comments about MBB, I don’t think he’s what we need, or will want in about five years. … 17jbs9mym0

“I hated recruiting,” Hoiberg said, via Front Office Show’s Keith Smith. “I absolutely f’ing hated recruiting. In the NBA it is just coaching. No other stuff. Just coaching.”


You may be right and time will tell, thanks. WPS

If Mike moves on, i’m still high on Richard Pitino. He’s young and i feel like he is going to be very successful before his time is up.

Other than that, i really have no other ideas. I’ve liked Keatts, Kenny Payne, Earl Grant. Handful of others.

Eric Musselman is a solid choice. He’s been an NBA Head Coach for Kings & Warriors…that should be attractive to recruits. He makes $1 million a year… that shouldn’t be a problem to hire him. The year before arriving at U of Nevada, Nevada went 9-22. In his FIRST year, they went 24-14 & in year 2, 28-7, in year 3, 29-8 & a trip to the SWEET 16!!! Now in year 4, they are currently 24-2. He will be hired away, soon! I hope we go after him. That’s my 2 cents.

Good piece on Musselman’s recruitment of McD AA and 5* Jordan Brown. … 622024002/

Looks like the best candidate on the surface.

First of all I strongly advise the AD to make a decision on Mike based on next year’s results. It just doesn’t make sense to fire a coach after making 3 out 4 tournaments and then not make one in a rebuilding year with one if the 9 youngest teams in the nation. Just would not look good outside of Arkansas like the Nolan firing and it could hurt recruiting of the new coach.

But if AD wants to cave in to the loud voices, I recommend getting a coach that can receive the most support among the current set of Arkansas fans. In my opinion that coach needs to have a playing style that is not uptempo. My generation started following Arkansas basketball in the Eddie Sutton and just doesn’t understand uptempo basketball. Uptempo basketball is highly entertaining when it has the right players and right experience and has even worked in the Anderson era. When it is not working, it looks ugly and has the appearance of poor fundamentals. And at times it will have double digit losses.

On the other hand in the non-uptempo style, losses are usually single digits and never look ugly and poor on fundamentals.

If we get an uptempo coach, he will have to win big and not just make the tournament to be accepted long term. A good example is Nolan when he stopped winning big and now Anderson.

If AD cannot get such a coach and settles on an uptempo coach, the coach needs to have a resume better than Anderson’s. That is a Final Four coach that has the reputation of signing out of state Top 40 players, not just one Top 40 player. Remember Anderson came here with a Elite Eight and national Coach of the Year resume.

I think if a change is made this year, coaches listed in this thread pose a risk that they may not get it done here just like Anderson couldn’t. And resumes of some look even worse than Anderson’s. Why do posters think if Anderson hasn’t won big here, these coaches will.

On the other hand, if a change is made after next year, it will all make sense no matter who they get. Rushing into it this year is very risky and could take the program backwards, on the court and off the court.

I will be buying season tickets and contributing to the Foundation no matter what, but AD better be very careful.

Eric Musselman of Nevada. Has shown he knows how to build a roster. Also has NBA head coaching experience.

First, let me say that my expectation has been since before the season that we would have a rebuilding year (16-18 wins is what I projected) and that CMA would get through this year and be on the hot seat next year.

But, I’ve also said that if the season did end up that way, there would be some compelling reasons to let him go. As we debated the other day, you seem to approach the topic based on the last four years versus his complete tenure. That’s a debatable approach.

He does have a very young team this year. But, should we be in a position to add 9 (nine!) players? This, two seasons after a 16-16 season? So, another way to look at the last four years is to count this year and say in two of the last four years, we’ve had to rebuild. Not a very good story.

You and I both know why those rebuilds had to happen, and you can rationalize some of it, but bottom line, it comes down to results. And, all of it lands on the head coach. We know that.

I can now very easily argue that he’s not met reasonable expectations in his tenure. Is he close? Yes. But, still under. Therefore, I can see both sides of the coin.

I feel very strongly that it would not be seen like the Nolan firing and hurt us in securing a new coach. It’s been 8 years, PJ. 3 NCAAT’s. That’s underperforming. The public would recognize that.

Ok Razor, a little devils advocate here. Should we blame Chad Morris for this awful 2-10 season, or should he get a bye because of the position the program was in when he took over? Many on here think he should get a bye, some don’t, but if you fall into the bye camp, then are you sure Mike should be held accountable for his first 2-3 years?

Mark Few. I wanted him 8 years ago. He’s on the same level as Williams, Cal, etc.

And if you have to make him the highest paid coach, then do it. Commit to winning. Show your serious about championships, which is something they didn’t do with Morris.


Good luck

Yeah, I’ve had that discussion many times on here, mostly years ago when I was more active. I think it was fair to give him two years (took him two at Mizzou; similar turmoil; tougher conference). If you’re measuring by NCAAT appearances (which isn’t the full story), he gets two free years from me. The other six years, I expected five appearances, four at the least. We’re going to end up with three. My expectations are based on looking at the Eddie and Nolan years and coming in a little lower than what they did.