Don't know how much of this I can take....

6 open 3’s, 5 makes and QUICKLY down 11.

Can’t stay in front of anyone, Moses wondering around on both ends and making unnecessary defensive switches.

Serenity now!

Can’t watch it. My alt channel isn’t showing and Bama vs SC just went OT. SEC has got to fix the alt channel issue

The crowd energy reminds me of Stan Heath’s last year (who made the NCAA tournament in year 4 and 5).

4 points in like 8 minutes. Vandy 7-9 3 pointers. They are playing terrible defense and hogs can’t hit nothing. It has got ugly quick. I’m taking a break. This is painful

Can’t fire him. Too much talent coming in next year.

You are insufferable sometimes.

It will change soon have some faith.

Did you attend in person either of those games?

If this is how we come back after that huge loss, it speaks volumes about where we are as a program right now.