Don't know about you but

i’m pulling for Oklahoma…i don’t want another SEC program winning a National Championship before us…the heck withVanderbilt;S.Carolina;Misissippi State;Florida or anyone else that may do so in the future…not until DVH and the Hogs get what is rightfully ours…


Anybody but Ola Ms.

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I never root for Ole Miss in any sport at any time. Go Sooners, whatever a Sooner is. The pompous fans of Ole Miss make me ill. i did think the pitcher DeLuca was a classy young man. Of course, he was a portal guy from out of town. He may not have known he wasn’t supposed to win with class and dignity.

Congratulations to him. He pitched a great game.

I’ll never say it again…but Boomer Sooner!

The Sooners should send roses and champagne to the Hogs, we handed the title to them.

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