Don't know about y'all, but I'm very content

With a 6-5 walkoff win on a wild pitch in 10 innings.

I wish we weren’t playing until Friday, though. I don’t see how our bullpen can last this weekend. We badly need Knight & Stephan to pitch well & long Thursday & Friday. I don’t know anything about Ole Miss except that they’re about mid-SEC & have fallen off since the pre-conference games. I know that any SEC team above the very bottom is quite capable of winning a series on the road. Right now I’d just take a 2-1 split with what I know about our tired arms.

Oh yeah, I’ll definitely take the W and be grateful for it. Who did we use tonight on the mound?

Arkansas threw nine pitchers. Pretty much everyone you would expect in a midweek game, minus Murphy.

I’d never heard of the freshman who pitched in the 10th for us. Has he pitched any this year?

Ole Miss leads the SEC in ERA. So their bats and perhaps defense must not be good.

He’s pitched some, but very little. Just a few innings.

Last night was his sixth appearance. He has not been real good and came into last night’s game with an 8.31 ERA. His last appearance prior to last night included two walks in the only two batters he faced against Georgia.

I saw him in his first appearance in Frisco, when (as I recall) he pitched late in the blowout win vs. Nebraska. He didn’t have much command, walking a few and giving up some hits and runs. But it was mop up duty, his first time to pitch, so it wasn’t unexpected. I suspect the outing last night will add some confidence and help him as he prepares for a bigger role next season.

Kostyshock has a big arm, 90-91. And, he’s rail thin. There is thought that he will fill out and make a MPH jump before his next season. He’s thought to be someone who could pitch more next season. It was good to see the emotion on his strikeout to end the 10th.