Don't have time to sort through the Darius Hall rant below...............

…can anyone tell me the latest on this rumor that Darius and CJ might transfer to play for Penny at Memphis? The knife fight in that one post is impossible to sort out and depressing as well. Can anyone just give a summary of the situation?

No new info.

I have been told some sources that he didn’t believe he played enough minutes (his 519 tied with CJ Jones for sixth on the team) and that he believed that kept him from being one and done.

I’ve also been told that was what he has shared with friends and not the coaches.

I guess my main concern would be the sources. If it is social media, I’ll wait to see what happens.

I’m old and don’t get the social media thing.

The original “reporter” (that’s giving the guy too much credit) that broke the story said he had heard Hall wanted to transfer, but there are RUMORS every year at this time, so nothing is definite. Then he started talking about who we should give the scholarships of Hall and Garland to. When Dudley posted his original answer the guy changed it to Hall and Jones.

Don’t mean to start up another hissy fit post storm, but what idiot is telling Hall he would have been a one and done if he just got more playing time? Hall may be a great player in time but he has a very long way to go to be ready for the pros. He plays hard and has long arms. That is a good start, but how about becoming proficient at ball handling and three point shooting if you expect to play in the pros at 6-6. I watched the HS championship game and Hall was not even the best player on the floor. The small forward from Parkview that went JC was more explosive, a better jumper, and had better offensive moves. If he had been eligible to play for the Razorbacks, Hall’s time would have been even less this year. If he comes as a JC recruit, Hall may not be the best small forward on the team, much less a one and done. Who are these legends in their own minds that are misleading the young man. Penny?

According to Dudley, in the other thread, Hall said this to his friends. Told them he didn’t get enough PT and thought he had the stuff to be a one and done. To me it sounded like he was blowing off steam to some of his friends (something all of us have done) and one of them decided to use the info (what the reasons were, I don’t know). Unfortunately, it’s spiraled way out of control.

Who was the original reporter? I’ve only seen message board reports.

A link to the original report would nice, Thanks.

Don’t have a link to the original report, supposedly it was said on the radio. The “reporter” is the Monk Klingon.

Idk why Nick Mason had any access to our program. He was stirring the crap back years ago with players on the team. And it’s known he’s heavily in the Monk corner. The Monk’s have no business around the Razorbacks program. I wish Mason would take his “journalism” elsewhere. Mike shouldn’t let him anywhere near our players. I quit listening to the Morning Rush bc he’s on it.

I don’t know if Mason is allowed around the team, I’ve heard he is and he isn’t. Maybe one of our reporters can comment. Now, the Monk’s have access to some of the kids we are recruiting. I’ve seen both Doakes and Moody with Malik, and one of those two referred to him as uncle. As for the Hall situation as I said, he was blowing off steam, and someone he was talking to told people. Mason got the info, so did some others, but as I said Mason said it was a rumor and nothing definite, but that didn’t end the speculation.

I don’t know that anyone is banned from being around the team.

Not sure how that would even work.


I don’t think he’s one of the main people. I think he is the main one. … 0750463437

Nick Mason was a walk-on from Jonesboro during Pelphrey’s final three seasons. Those were his Fr-Jr years and he was not on the team for Anderson’s first season. Does he have some animosity towards Coach Anderson? I have no idea but I gather he often reports negative things about the team.

Mason is on the Morning Rush radio show out of Fort Smith but I have no idea what he contributes to that program. I hear him more doing live remotes on Saturday at some local car dealer. But I’m sure if he has an anti-Anderson agenda the other two clowns on that show just egg him on.

Didn’t Nick get in some trouble along with a couple of scholarship players?

Yeah he got caught up in something in a dorm with a sorority girl with Marcus Britt, Stef Welsh and Glenn Bryant I believe. Don’t think charges were ever filed.

As for Nick, he has no anti-Anderson agenda and honestly wants to help grow the state’s basketball reputation and help people get better.

He had nothing to do with Malik not picking the Hogs, and had Malik picked the Hogs, no one would hate Nick, other than the typical lunatic fringe that hates everyone.

And before anyone says, hi Nick, how’s it going, no I’m not him, but I do talk to him.