Don't get your hopes up for a full house at Baum

In the postseason. Or at Bogle Park either. Or at Omaha.

Just seems to be too low. By June the vaccination rate should be high. If those who’ve recovered have much immunity left (I have no idea how long it lasts), the risk of outdoor exposure is pretty low, especially if they also require masks. I could understand the rule if the games were played today, but not with 6 more weeks to get people vaccinated

It’s the NCAA, I’m sure if they had their way it would be in a bubble somewhere.

CDC figures from earlier this week were that 27% of the US population is fully vaccinated and 41% had received at least one dose. That includes kids who have largely been ineligible. The adult figures are 35% and 51%. CDC also reported that they’re giving 2.9 million shots per day, which has declined recently from 3M+ because some people still don’t want to take it. I’ll leave it to the immunologists on what would be a safe vaccination level to allow full attendance. I would think the NCAA has been talking with the CDC and other health authorities, but maybe not.

I’m sure they’d rather err on the side of caution, but this seems a bit extreme to me.

I don’t understand why so many are resistant to getting the vaccine. I know some can’t for one reason or another, but the odds of damage from the disease are exponentially higher than damage from the shot.

My girlfriend is looking for a roommate to help her with the rent. She talked to a woman who works in her favorite store who is looking for a place to live. But the woman hasn’t been vaccinated and has no intention of doing so, “my family and I don’t believe in it.” Fortunately, my GF got her second jab Thursday and will be fully immune in a few days, but she doesn’t think she wants to let that woman move in even then. I don’t know why her family doesn’t believe in it, whether it’s online garbage or anti-medical in general or watching too much cable news. But there’s a lot of this out there.

I see it every day

I ask every patient I see (and I see 90% geriatrics) if they have had their vaccines. MOST of my patients have been vaccinated, thankfully.

But the reasons I get from those who have not are just mind-boggling.

I often hear comments about what they have found in their “research”, which is of course a ridiculously overreaching term for where they get their advice.


I read this morning that the CDC says more than 5 million people got their first dose of Pfizer or Moderna but not the second. I presume that’s because of side effects or fear of same, although it may be that providers don’t have the second dose on hand at the right time.

I suppose one dose provides at least some immunity.

Around 80%, according to the healthcare workers who got COVID after one shot. I think this was a study of around 24-25k workers.

Many will refuse the vaccine, but they need to understand that choice puts us all at risk of another COVID surge this Fall & a repeat of closures, including universities, sports, etc.

My opinion, if you haven’t chosen to be vaccinated by August 1st, then proceed at your own caution.

I agree. By then everyone will have had a chance. Anyone who wants to take the risk then, have at it. (One slight reservation: if any of the new variants seem to have worse effects on children who cannot yet take a vaccine, I might still disallow unvaccinated people into a venue where they might be.)

Agreed, except that those who choose to not get vaccinated negatively affect me & my family if COVID continues or surges again. My business & livelihood will be negatively impacted, my ability to enjoy restaurants & public events is curtailed, my children remain in remote classes, & sports events are limited. Hopefully their choice does not additionally affect the health of others.

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Doubtful that it will surge as it has this past year, those vaccinated, and those who had it will keep the R value down low, like it is now. It’s not going away, but will be more like the flu numbers as far as deaths. You can’t mandate for everyone to get vaccinated, and 25-30% will never get a shot.

Actually you can. Supreme Court upheld the right of states and cities to pass and enforce mandatory vaccination laws in Jacobson v Massachusetts in 1905. It has not been reversed or superseded. Now can you get all the dillweeds to actually obey the law? Probably not, And 70% vaccination rate will not get us to herd immunity; the pandemic will continue.

We aren’t going to “end” it, and good luck if you think they would ever try to mandate it. Times have changed in the past 100+ years. We wouldn’t “end” it with 90% vaccination rates, it’ll become a yearly flu type virus, which isn’t the end of the world. Gottlieb has been on point with this since the beginning, and that’s his take on what happens.

Gottlieb is almost as big a partisan hack as Scott Atlas. Unfortunately he hasn’t been discredited like Atlas was.

Then there’s this from CDC, which fortunately is not partisan hacks. The COVID infection rate is expected to remain flat and could get worse through mid-May.

So, from 250k to 750k, they leave themselves a lot of wiggle room, lol. The only thing he’s a partisan about is Pfizer, don’t let your politics show.

In other words, don’t make your hotel reservations yet in NWA for Fall '21 football?