Don't get in a hurry

Like everyone else, I really want Joe back on the court. But Joe getting In a hurry without a full recovery could lead to disaster. For both the Team and Joe. If that means Joe sitting out the regular season and us missing the Tournament? So be it. If the Doctor’s and Trainers clear Joe? Hey great! If not, he should sit out, rehab, and get ready for next season. I would rather have a fully healthy Joe next season then one not fully recovered. And quiet frankly, I don’t trust teams like MSU or LSU knowing Joe is not fully recovered and them taking a cheap shot on his knee. With the win at all cost attitude of some SEC Coaches and teams, I wouldn’t put it pass one of them to try something.


I am with you on this.

Beginning to develop a feeling that we will better off long term if Joe sits out the rest of the season. It will guarantee he returns next season and will be completely healthy.

Without Joe, we may be starting all over next season. We may have 8 to 9 newcomers to SEC ball with at least four freshmen. Wasn’t that the case in 2018-19? Only difference is coaching has been probably upgraded.

Oh really? Doesn’t guarantee a thing. If he likes what he hears after he dips his toes in the NBA water, or decides to ignore it and leave anyway, he’s gone whether Muss shuts him down or not.

That is a possibility. Don’t disagree.

If he takes advice from suck ups and yes men, Joe may higher an agent and enter the draft. This would be a very bad move by Joe and those who just see dollar signs instead of the young man. Joe is not ready for the NBA.

When is Joe expected back?

maybe 2-3 weeks I think.

I don’t disagree. Game is very one-dimensional; well, okay he plays decent defense, but he’s not an NBA 2-guard. But the assessment he gets from the NBA after the season (assuming he seeks one, as I expect Mase to do as well) might be just encouraging enough to push him out the door into the G-League.

But would a GM waste a first or even a second round draft pick on a skinny SG who just had a knee procedure? If I were a GM, the answer would be no. Those close to Joe need to realize this and convince him it’s in his best interest to stay in college for at least one more year. If they do not, then thier just interested in short term financial gain for themselves and not looking out for Joe’s best interest.


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