Don't forget that tap out by Barford to set up the final

shot. Unreal win, shot in the arm that could propel the final stretch run

Was it him or Manny? Couldn’t tell. I was freakin out.

Manny collected the ball after it was tapped out and got it to Macon for the shot. I couldn’t tell who got the tap-out.

It was Barford, speaking of Manny, did anyone else see the fan rush toward him flipping the bird?

Hard to tell but Barford gets the board

Yea I seen that, everybody’s showing it on twitter right now. And I thought Vandy was suppose to be the classy school in the SEC lol.

Just because their student body is mostly rich white kids doesn’t mean they’re a classy school. Sometimes those are the worst because they know Daddy will get them out of trouble if they screw up.

Yea I know, I was joking :slight_smile:

It didn’t look like a kid to me, looked like one of those hippy professors

Even worse. Although hippie professors often think they’re too good/smart/something for something as common as a basketball game.

That tap out took me back to Big Dan Skipper tap to Alex Collins and the Hunter Heave. Loved the result of both!

This is it.

Good for Manny for not responding.

Actually, according to the play by play, Manny got the board because he collected the tap-out. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … l#GAME.PLY”></LINK_TEXT>


I am a professor. Not quite a hippy. But closer to that than some things.

Was that my mother in law?