Don't forget...I was first to say about T Williams

I was first today to say that T Williams will be honored as SEC best defensive player of the week, and maybe the nation. He deserves it!


He was a beast, but it was against 2nd and 3rd string I believe. Dude got some beast mode for sure!

First nominee for the WOH Pat Yourself on the Back Award!!


Oh no. Hog2009 retired that award long, long ago. He loves to dredge up posts from years ago he thinks make him look smart. He’s gonna get an AC subluxation from that, if he hasn’t already.

So did T Williams win it or not?

Fred, you are the king of the obvious. I give you an award for that.


You realize I first said this in the second quarter of the game? That’s obvious?

I called that play chuck


Fred has a great eye.

And there is one that is the first to criticize every post but his own. I’d go to Vegas on that one.

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