Don't forget Desi Sills and still waiting on Emery

A few weeks back both Joe and Desi were on the Mike Anderson Razorbacks radio broadcast show. Both spoke well, but Desi spoke with so much passion for the coach teammates and the program as a whole. Yeah I like some Desi too this young man is for real, don’t sleep on Desi, while waiting on Emery consistent play followed by Jodan’s, give it time for all to come together right before eyes :roll:

We won’t get a chance to see Jordan Phillips to show out on the hill! Let’s hope Desi and Emery-Simpson continue to step up. Our hogs are young and will improve with each game.

Yep, there’s always a rainbow at the end of every storm. It will be interesting to see who ink first this springs.

I’m hoping Henderson starts earning some playing time. The hogs lost an important player with the transfer of Phillips.

Yes I agree, you can bet an outsider turned him or not, and for sure we will miss his skills set later on in the season providing he has fully recovered . Another thought, I wonder if he felt Bailey was cutting in his playing time. ( hum) As it relates to Henderson I just don’t get him, rated a four star going into his senior year and it’s almost as if his plays were off of Perry. By the way I watched Perry last night it appears he is coming off the bench

Perry is coming off the bench but he has the strength to bang down low where Henderson needs to add weight and muscle. Henderson has the talent in my opinion to make a huge impact it on him to put in the work to enable him to shine on the hardwood.
Perry isn’t a one and done so Moo U will have him another year.

I watched that game last night, and I wasn’t impressed with Perry, I think we ended up with the better deal with Chaney.

I agree with you, I think he’s at Moo U at least two years and he is definitely a banger