Don't be too worried about Jimbo to A&M

You know A&M has a long history of paying crazy money to get the big-name coaches in the business.

Anybody old enough to remember Jackie Sherrill? He was 33-3 over a 3 year span at Pitt, biggest name in college football. A&M made him the first million dollar a year coach. It was considered crazy back then. CW was A&M was going to the top the next season – reality, Jackie did not win for about 3 to 4 years, and he only rolled up SWC championships after the SWC collapsed. There was no 33-3 and consecutive top 5 rankings in Aggieland.

Francione? Remember that big coup – they stole a coach from Alabama? Boy that was a fun spectacle to watch as a Hog fan.

And now this…we’ll see…A&M is still just a bunch of Aggies…

Jimbo is a great coach, but A&M getting Jimbo doesn’t get them out of the west.

He will have a much harder time in the sEC than he did at FSU.

Jimbo is great with great players. He was a career assistant until he went to Florida State where the talent is rich. We’ll see how good he is in the pressure cooker he just stepped into. He may, indeed be a very good coach. He is 5-6 this year. Saban doesn’t go 5-6. I guess I’m not sold on how good he is.

He is a better coach than Sumlin who beat us every time

At some point A&M will find the right coach and be a major force in the SEC and the nation.

Been hearing that from Aggies for 50 years…

How long have we heard that?

They’ll always be Aggies.

Aggies will be Aggies???
A$M has been in the conference 6 years???
No longer the stepchild to UT…
Go to the campus and check out their facilities and stadium …
Look at the recruiting territory
I agree with Mr Davenport…

Nothing has ever changed in that regard. Aggies always have the biggest stadium, crazy Texas-oil money facilities, the best Texas players Aggie money can buy, boys in white jumpsuits with short crew cuts who do strange things along the sidelines, paramilitary Aggie Youth who chase opposing cheerleaders off the field with sabers, a War Hymn not a fight song, F250s galore at the Hotel Adolphus when they play in Dallas, etc.

Yeah, like I said, been hearing for 50 years that “here come the Aggies” going back to Gene Stallings — and the records speaks for itself. Jimbo Fisher is the latest Jackie Sherrill/Dennis Francione as I said.

R.C. Slocum

That would be even better for Arkansas and SEC West opponents, but to clarify just so you know – RC’s hire was not comparable to Jimbo’s hire – Sherrill and Francione were like Jimbo in that they were marquis names like Jimbo stolen away from elite programs with big Texas money and both were hailed as amazing coups by the Aggies. Sherrill was especially comparable in that he was the highest paid college coach ever. And here we go again with Jimbo Fisher, and according to some the Aggies have already taken over the SEC West and won 2 or 3 national titles before Jimbo’s team has played its first game. Been there done that. Not scared at all.

Slocum was an assistant promoted from within after Sherrill was run out of town for cheating. He did okay, but he never coached in the SEC West — coached and dominated in the decimated SWC and won big at times in the Big 12 – not to ever be confused with the SEC West.

All I am saying is – don’t jump off the cliff or don’t forfeit to Jimbo’s Aggies just yet – lots of football yet to be played – and history has not been kind to the Aggies.

The R.C. Slocum reference was intended as a joke.

But while we’re on the subject, my recollection of the Jackie Sherrill hire contains a nuance that hasn’t been covered. As I recall it, the Aggies courted Michigan’s Bo Schembechler for an extended period and believed that they had offered enough money to get him to come to College Station.

In the end, Schembechler decided to stay in Michigan and when the Aggies turned to Sherrill, salary level had already been established. Sherrill would have never received such a big salary unless it had already been offered to Schembechler.

Thanks for remembering Schembechler reference. That did happen. Interesting stuff. Highly unusual back in those days.