Don't be shocked

if there’s a surprise or two tomorrow. Not saying that’s going to be the case, but Arkansas is working hard on some kids.

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One of them is already out of the bag. I won’t say the name here but I assume you’re talking about the linebacker from Louisiana. I hope there’s more surprises!

Yes, LB Kelin Burrle is from the same school as safety Donovan Johnson but there are two others that I know of as of now.

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Now we’re talking! What level of excitement would it bring?

Give is some hints RD!!

Defense. Again, nothing might not come out of it, but we’ll see.

BTW, welcome to the board.

Well, I hope you’re talking about dontae Manning. I could see why he would commit, but I highly doubt we have a chance at all

love it! got get em Sam!!

Senor RD playing Santa Claus on the board!

Would be awesome for Arkansas to be lucky for once and get the Pittman Era off to a terrific start! ghg

LB Kelin Burrle is one bad hombre - this guy can flat out fly and slobberknocks whoever has the football!

How are we involved with Dontae Manning?! If we were somehow to get him, Burrle and DJ…what a backend of a defense

I’m expecting six signees but I could see up to eight. More than eight would be them pulling off some pretty miraculous stuff.

I would be thrilled with 8 because that alone would be some surprises!!!

Burrle is fast and will shudder some bones. He sure has an eye for the ball.

What are our chances with lindberg?

Are any of the guys they are working hard at Hutchison JC?

Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…why yes Jackson…I do believe so. The #1 ranked JUCO DT that we offered a couple of days ago that is committed to Iowa State. Not 100% certain but believe that to be the case.

Welp - that ship sailed an hour ago as he flipped to K State. No DT in place yet may have been a factor but who knows. Dangit!