Don't be blinded

Texas AM will again collapse as the season goes on. They are not a SEC west contender…

5-0 embarrassing streak to that program and that coaching staff.


What does that say about our program and staff then?

Ark starts slow and builds - Aggies burn out

The Aggies may burn out, I don’t think they’re as good as many on here think, but they could tank.

Ark started fast, and as I said yesterday, if you watched some of the other SEC games, I’m nervous. Several teams look as good or better than aTm. That’s not exactly what I wanted to see.

Which teams? Bama, OM (who we’ve beaten 2 years in a row) and who?

I don’t think TAMU is much different than usual. But, I think the league is down. Who are the several that scare you?

Bama, Ole Miss (who looks like the best team in the country for the first 30 mins of any game. Yesterday, they may have learned to finish), Florida, (yes I know they lost to TN, but TN is better than they were last year, we are not), AUB (yesterday they figured out a way to win, since we play there, it’s not a gimmie), and LSU (the firing of Miles may make them a lot better, or a lot worse) I know you’re gonna disagree, but don’t be surprised if we go on a losing streak starting Oct 8


I hope you’re right

One thing that is different about the Aggies this year is their defense. I don’t know if they can beat Bama but I expect they will rattle that freshman QB’s cage. Chavis has them believing.

A&M not as good as they looked. We’re not as bad. 17-17 in 3rd quarter, we are at the door knocking, and we’d already left points on the field. I really thought they were ready to give in. Goal line stand #2 and a go route later momentum was theirs and we never recovered. On TV prior to last night I thought Aggies looked ok. In person, they are better than ok. Unreal team speed, especially defensively.

I think you see Devwah get more run. TJ Hammonds may get some. And Reed will continue to get opportunities even though it’s obvious that Holister and Hatcher earn those reps. We are desperate for a home run hitter.

This is absolutely true. Others figure out what our coaches don’t.