Donovan out in OKC

Should be a candidate for a lot of NBA jobs but I’m wondering if Eddie Munster might return to college.

he’s a fantastic coach, really can’t believe they are letting him go. If we didn’t have Muss, then I’d LOVE to have him.

But I’m not trading Muss for anyone at this point.


Chicago Bulls

I wouldn’t be surprised if Milwaukee lets Budenholzer go after their playoff flameout, either. Eddie Munster coaching the Freak would be interesting.

But Freak may not be at Milwaukee too long. He wants out and play with another big star. Those are the NBA rumors. I guess he is buying into talk that he is a Pippen and needs a Jordan.

Some talk about Mass as a destination forming an International Big 3 of Dancic, Giannis and Porzingis. That would be fun.

OKC is just silly. Shaq, Smith, and Sir Charles, all pretty much said the same thing, “I guess OKC wants to go backwards”. Donavan’s talent has gone down every year, yet he’s had them in the playoffs. I can’t image a better coach wanting to take that job.

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Y’all seem to be all in on this being OKC’s decision.

That doesn’t appear to be accurate.

Pat Riley has been eyeing Giannis for months now as his #1 Target at Miami. We have Mega-Ca$h to payout also :hugs:

That would be scary

Why? Who’s decision was it to rebuild and not provide BD the resources he wanted/needed to stay?

That’s like saying it was Lebron’s fault that he went to Miami. LA yes, but Miami, no.

It’s fair for a coach and/or player to feel they are valuable and being underutilized. That’s not their fault if they hold the other side accountable. I don’t think. You do?

As good as Miami looks right now, adding Giannis would intriguing.

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I seem to remember reading something several years ago that there was some interest — I can’t remember on which side — in him replacing Nolan in 2002. And I’ve heard Donovan say something to the effect that SEC basketball is at its best when Arkansas is good.

I think the same could be said for Florida, but that hasn’t been the case very often since Donovan left. I think he’s good for the game of college basketball. I’ll be interested to see what his next move is.

You have it right Dudley.

From everything I hear, Giannis wants a title and wants to go to a team that has star power. Miami possibly needs to attract another star or two to come over if they want Giannis. Maybe Butler counts as a star.

Butler best friend is DeMar DeRozan and he’s been campaigning for him to join him here. We would have to give up our nba rookie runner-up of the year to bring him & Giannis in. (That might be too much of a price)

Doesn’t just about everybody get in the playoffs in the NBA?

I know what you are suggesting. But actually only 53% of teams get into playoffs, a lot lower percentage than college football teams getting invites to bowl games.

But only 4 college football teams play for the national championship. I don’t think the Poulan Weedeater Bowl has produced many national champs lately…

76ers may get him

That is a brilliant take. But that does mean Arkansas will probably never make football playoffs. That is depressing.