Donations to ASU and UALR

Was told by a former employee at another school than UAF that donors to UAF were penalized by the Razorback foundation if they also donated to an instate school other than UAF. I had never heard this before and was curious if anyone else had ever heard this or were concerned that this ever occurred. This was part of a discussion I had about UA playing ASU. Thanks in advance for any insight you might have experienced concerning this matter.

I doubt ASU would release their donor list to UA. How would UA know?

Are donors not listed in football programs like UA? Never bought an ASU program, so I would not know

I seriously doubt this. It sounds a whole lot more like ASU conspiracy thinking than something that’d go on. Besides, what kind of penalty would it be? The UA wants donations. It’s not going to penalize someone who also donates elsewhere. Nah. This doesn’t pass the smell test.

That was my response.

Good thinking. Forgot about that.

I doubt they do that, though. There just isn’t much to be gained.

Seems highly, highly unlikely

I know several donors to the UofA from NEA area that also donate to ASU. The only reason they do so is because they have a business in the area.

Most of them don’t attend games at ASU and are die hard razorback fans. I highly doubt this to be true

Absolutely false, lol. Several prominent donors, that have suites, donate to both the UofA and ASU. Some are fans of both, some do business in Jonesboro and it only makes good sense.

Can’t possibly be true. If I’m donating to 2 different programs and one is appreciative while the other acts like a petulant, spoiled child toward my generosity; guess which one I’m no longer going to be supporting.


Ricepig has this 100% correct and UA Foundation knows this as well.