Donation options?

I chose option 2, request a full refund. The email I received explaining this stated:
“As long as a $50 Razorback Foundation gift is maintained for the 2020 Annual Fund and you make your 2021 Annual Fund pledge, you will be able to renew your same seats for the 2021 season.”

So my question is this: Way back in March I made my donation to the Razorback Foundation in order to obtain season tickets. Does option 2, requesting a full refund for my tickets ($602), count this March donation towards my $50 mentioned above? I figured option 2 essentially forfeited the donation, but the $602 would be returned. My BroNlaw thinks I need to give up that other $50.

I’ve called the Ticket Office, but had to leave a voice message. I’m sure they are busy, busy.

My understanding is that your previous donation will cover your $50 minimum, but I’d make sure, lol.

I would call the Foundation, not the ticket office. Call someone specific like Marvin Caston or Scott Varady.

They just returned my call. As I hoped, I will donate the full amount that I gave the Razorback Foundation, and the full price of the season tickets ($602) will be returned. My donation covered that $50, and my BroNlaw gave up that extra $50. ha!

I believe there are still season ticket options that do not require a donation to the Foundation. The $50 donation would apply to them. Though I’d be sure to call them to make sure.

I was initially confused about the refund options for tickets. I opted out, but donated the entire ticket cost to One Razorback. Heck, I had already paid it back in February, so I wasn’t missing it. But to begin with, the ticket office was not sure how that would work. Luckily the options were there in the email that I received.

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