Don’t they do Cleveland Hill anymore?

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I’m stunned that he was stunned. That’s a head scratcher. Anyway gotta get conditioned apparently.


Wish I had seen the game to get a true sense of how out of shape they were.

Sometimes in the first game of the season, you get tired right away because of the nerves and then settle down. But for Muss to make a statement on it, they must be out of shape.

I noticed Jaylin Williams breathing hard early.

Wasn’t Jaylin hurt part of the off-season? That may explain lack of condoning in his case.

I think every coach thinks their team looks out of shape their first game. I don’t think a practice can simulate the amount of energy players exert during an actual game. That’s part of why you have the preseason exhibitions, to acclimate your body to game shape.

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It seemed like a matter of being overly excited about playing to me and not as much conditioning.

That being said, they have obviously had a lots of guys miss practice time due to injuries.

I’m also guessing he was sending a message to his team.


I thought his conditioning comment, and comments about other parts of the game were directed at the players more than they were for the public. He seemed pretty purposeful in what he wanted to talk about yesterday. It seemed more like he was talking to the team more than the media or fans in that press conference. A little Saban like


I interpreted the message to the team as “You generally played well below the program standard and I am going to make your lives miserable until the next exhibition game”.

How much of that is extra conditioning and how much is coaching some or all of this group a little harder? You’d have to be in the gym every day until the next exhibition to know for sure.

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No one answered about Cleveland

As much as Coach Muss is into tradition, I’m thinking he would be all into that knowing the National Championship team trained on that hill.

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I am thunking that they are not doing Cleveland Hill in the Muss era. Every preseason, there used to be stories about the run up the hill and who did well. Have not seen any such stories lately,

I think a lot of that was fun stuff for the fans. Running up that hill won’t do a lot for “basketball game shape” unless they are running forward, laterally, and backward, with quick spurts in each, as they run up the hill. It would probably help with overall endurance.

They ran it his first year and tweeted about it.

Not sure about the last two years, but I will ask.

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I bet Coach Richardson would disagree with you.



Cleveland Hill was about conditioning and not basketball movements.


I still have thoughts about a Hill in Baumholder, Germany that we use to run up after we came back from a little run of about 6 to 10 miles especially if we weren’t sounding off or had people fall out of the run. It would add about 3 miles on top of the little jog! In those days we were all in tip top shape. Cleveland Hill is a cake walk compared to that one.

Cleveland Hill was the backbone of 40 Minutes of Hell. Nobody was better conditioned than we were. I ran it with the players my first year on staff, because I wanted to work out like a Razorback. I was in good shape then, but I puked my guts out. If Muss thinks these guys are out of shape, I suggest he give Coach Richardson a call and go old school on their a$$.


As much as I really like Muss (and that is a LOT) if HIS team is not in shape, there is only one person to look at.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that, Greg. Muss was sending a not so subtle message to his players. I guarantee they are actually in phenomenal shape. You only need to worry if you see the team running Cleveland in weighted vests carrying bricks above their heads.:sunglasses: