Don’t like what I hear

Some of my best friends are on the front line at hospitals in Washington County. They are seeing the surge big time. Every day there is more. The deaths are coming.

One top guy told me his hospital has a 41-year-old male with zero health issues who likely won’t make it past today. He got it from his young boy who had been exposed although no symptoms. There are other similar stories.

If you play sports (running and breathing hard) you will be exposed. Not any other way to play sports.

I am feeling uneasy about all sports where you must be around others.

For the most part, I have stayed away from people outside of family for the last three months, outside of wearing mask to pick up “to go” stuff. That’s prob not going to change.

I was getting prescriptions at Mountain Home Walmart. You must go inside to wait in long line. There were so many folks doing poor job in lines that I now drive to Fayetteville Walmart cause they have drive through pharmacy.

I don’t get out of truck while in Washington County.

Maybe I’m dumb. Maybe I’m being too careful. But this bug is not going away.

It’s summer time. Heat is here. So much for the heat killing it.


Clay, I live in Montgomery and this morning we became the city in Alabama with the most cases. And, we are the 4th largest city in the state. As you may know, the Auburn football team and visiting football teams stay in Montgomery the night before Auburn home games. Many people in Montgomery and the state are not following the guidelines. I pray that God will intervene and stop the spread of the virus.

Stay healthy and safe everyone.


Things are scary in Washington county right now. For me, fall sports are far down the list of priorities right now.

A UAMS study released a couple days ago expects it to peak in Arkansas in early October (link).

I especially worry about our older, and less physically fit coaches being around 100 young people every day.

Summer is from June 20th to September 22nd… little too early to proclaim that prolonged heat will not have an effect on the virus. Most experts expected a spike after being quarantined for so long because we were weakening our immunity, so we will see how it works going forward now that people are actually getting out and building up their Resistance. This is a new virus and if it can continue to spike through what is supposed to be a brutal summer then it will simply be doing what the other viruses could not do.
I’m the one been talkin the heat having an effect, so I know you were aiming this at me and that’s fine and if I’m wrong I have no problem with that, because had plenty of Drs believing the same thing I did because history backed up the theory. Time will tell.

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It’s sounds more and more like it’s not as simple as heat slowing the virus.

This from a study released June 9th by researchers from Canada’s renowned McMaster university:

Researchers have found that while higher heat and humidity can slow the spread of COVID-19, longer hours of sunlight are associated with a higher incidence of the disease, in a sign that sunny days can tempt more people out even if this means a higher risk of infection. (link)

Many more gatherings during these long hot summer days.

If you could wave a magic wand and have literally everyone follow guidelines (masks, distancing, etc.) for 3-4 weeks, the heat probably would help, many less people would die, and we would have football this fall.

And as they said after that UAMS study, it’s four months out assuming today’s trajectory, one thing we know, things won’t be the same in four months. They originally had a very bearish projection in March for what it would look in May, in May, because the numbers were low, they cut it tremendously. Of course, we passed their numbers for mid-June quickly in late May. These projections are based on today’s numbers and trends, which will change, as the have every month.

True. Maybe it’ll be better, maybe it’ll be worse. Hope for one, prepare for the other.

The point remains - it’s very bad.

Your pet theory is garbage. Texas is spiking, not going down, as the weather gets hotter. Same for Florida and other hot/humid states.


My youngest is back at football and basketball at school. His school is passionate about sports and they have been itching to get the kids back for practice. I think the whole temp check etc is a waste of time based on how many people show no symptoms. I have also been told by some medical folks that all the testing is spreading the virus. The testers are actually spreading it because they don’t properly sanitize between patients. They had always said the quarantine was not designed to stop the virus but slow it down. One thing that nobody seems to know for certain is how long the virus is active in people with no symptoms? Is it really two weeks? One thing we have come to know for sure after the Wuhan Virus. Nobody, including all the government agencies, government health experts, and the WHO are gonna be able to save any of us in a time of health crisis. The information has been very bad on so many fronts. I know things change and we have to adapt but there should have been some pretty basic rules from the beginning to help us all except shut it down. Other countries did not shut down and survived. There were always gonna be more cases so I am not sure why anyone is surprised that we are seeing a spike.

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I am so saddened that this is a very political year and our Nation’s leader and #2 refuse to set the proper examples. Tough times ahead when the normal flu season collides, this time, with Covid 19.


Your post is “garbage”. Can’t you, once in a while, post a response without attacking in your first sentence. Maybe before post, you can think about how my first sentence in this post makes you feel. Well, it makes every recipient of a post you make like this, feel the same way you do now.


Trust me that reply was edited. Youdaman keeps trying to convince us that the virus will go away when it gets hot. It ain’t happening. If someone keeps posting something that just ain’t true, they should expect to get called out on it. Don’t like it? Don’t post garbage over and over.

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It will go away when it gets hot, I think 137 is the temp that kills it.

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The surge is coming from the Marshallese and Latino community, hopefully the CDC and ADH teams up in Washington and Benton County’s can help get this under control.

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Groups that congregate together for over an hour are the biggest problems. I don’t know why folks can’t be patient and wait a year or so until there’s a vaccine, but many just can’t. So, it’s hard for me to envision football games in 2020 in front of 50,000 fans (or more).

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We will see if it is . summer hadn’t started yet… and if it turns out I m wrong then a lot of people a lot smarter than me were too…I was just trying to provide a little bit of positivity amongst all the negative media crap.Dang should bhave known better🙂


I’m working at DFW, last week an entire Acft Mntc section got infected. One person has already passed away, another just out of ICU and another had no effects at all. Seems African American and Latino men have a higher adverse reaction to the virus. Also seems the virus does not kill you, but it comprises other underlying issues that fail. Results in no one treatment that works for everyone.
I fly back to NWA from DFW weekly. It’s an unnerving experience. I agree that this will not be going away but will ebb and flow over time until a better understanding of what is going on has been achieved. In the meantime, I’m responsible for keeping me safe in the vacuum of any type of consistent over-site.

Trust me I could care less what Einstein’ swine thinks! he was trying to tell me J.Harris was better PG than Ja Morant😂. then the Kobe died he was talking about the negativity in his life.He lives to try to prove somebody wrong it’s ridiculous


Zero guarantee of a vaccine.

Still waiting on that HIV vaccine.


There will be a vaccine this fall/winter. The use of a RNA vaccine, will speed it up over the normal time period to develop one. It may be a EUA vaccine, and the available dosages and confidence people will have in it, that’s another matter.

I also think they’ll have a better treatment for those infected, trials on a cocktail, like with HIV, is entering trials now.