Don’t like what Clay has heard

I miss football.


LOL I still think the analogy was good! I didn’t make it up, read it somewhere.

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I’ve spent the last few hours searching online for analogy-equivalent, CDC-Certified N95 Jeans. No luck, yet.

I just staying in my friendly hillside above the Norfork River. I just checked my wine rack. I’m good for another 3-4 weeks.

And this morning we had low water. I caught 17 fish, 12 brown trout.

Then I came back to my laptop and wrote copy for our HI football mag.

I’m good.

Happy, content and going to do it again tomorrow.


You will have to resort to medical scrubs as they are called in hospitals. Not sure how much they protect from pee though.

My question is what was the outcome of all those college kids on the beaches in Florida during spring break? My wife and I and another couple just got home from staying 4 days in Destin, Fla. PLENTY of tourists on the beaches & restaurants. Very few masks.

How far apart were most of those people?

Seaside was packed, no masks, except the servers. The bar at the top of Bud and Alleys was shoulder to shoulder. The beach wasn’t too bad, everyone was spread out, sort of like normal.

To answer Tennhawg, hospitals in AL are full up and moaning and groaning, except in Birmingham. Not sure about FL.

After opening up Texas & bar/restaurant traffic back up again, Covid cases in DFW since Memorial weekend have risen 95% & local hospital ICUs are approaching capacity. The % of the tests showing positive & hospitalizations are also rising rapidly.

Staying inside & secluded may be a good idea until this passes or until a vaccination &/or effective treatment is available.

FL is experiencing a huge increase in cases, hospitalizations, & deaths.

According to Florida’s Gov, the state has 15,000 available hospital beds (twice the number they had in March) and most currently in ICU are there for other medical reasons.

Average age of infected has plummeted and most new cases are asymptomatic.

Well, then either the governor or these people have a distorted view of what’s happening in Fla. Those younger people who are reporting to the ER’s most likely think they’re symptomatic.

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