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Clay’s original thread is nearing 100 posts and is fun to read, except for a few that are peeing on each other (through their pants?), so I wanted to mention one Presidential impact that might help determine whether we can play football or other sports next season. When Trump speaks in Tulsa he will speak to a shoulder-to-shoulder audience of 20K plus. Wait patiently two weeks after that to see if Tulsa just EXPLODES with covid patients. If not, the covid threat is over (as Trumpers believe), and we can attend games this Fall. If there is an explosion, then I expect we will still have shoulder-to-shoulder crowds for games that help open our economy, but I won’t be there. I may instead travel to Springfield MO area to golf with my broNlaw with the money we’ve saved. Can’t wait!!

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I’m taking no position either way in this discussion, other than hoping this all gets over sooner than later. My question is what was the outcome of all those college kids on the beaches in Florida during spring break? I may have missed updates about them during all the other daily horrors, but was there a big outbreak among those participants? We should know by now for sure, and even if they didn’t become sick themselves they would have had plenty of time to expose others who would have become sick by now. Did the spring breakers cause a big spike anywhere, that could be attributed to them?

Probably takes a bit more than 2 weeks, but the good news is that it will be two more months until football season, so we should know very well by then.

That’s been 2 months ago. The articles written about all of that, and it’s dangers, were all written anywhere from March 15 to April 5. Again, I am not trying to skew my question any direction other than Switzerland neutral, but has there been any major outbreaks from spring break? Common sense says if ever there was going to be an exponential spike, that would have caused it. Close proximity and physical contact down there is an extreme understatement.

I do not know what has been attributed to spring break. Of course spring breakers come from all over

As for FLA itself, there’s been some worry that it is under reporting cases

With as closely as that was scrutinized at the time, and it was covered like a blanket, there has to be some documented outcomes. If there was a sudden spike a couple of weeks later, I think it would be reported, and placed squarely on the spring break party goers, and it was as densely packed as ever at most of those beaches in Florida. Bodies getting as up close and personal with other bodies as humanly possible. There’s not going to be more close human contact than what that was.

Apparently, the well documented party on Lake of the Ozarks did not result in a lot of new cases.

Maybe it was the chlorine.

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In the case of the Lake of the Ozarks party, it may in fact still be not enough time to know for sure, but the spring break episodes in Florida were in March. Everyone was waiting for the time bomb of exponential exposure to occur. One person infects two friends, and they infect two friends, etc. Even those who were, (are), asymptomatic have surely been in contact with enough people for their to be new hotspots that would be easy to trace back to Florida. College towns throughout the US should have seen spikes, colleges started closing their doors about that time, but the students were still going back to the college towns themselves. Many live in apartments or houses, and still had leases. They stayed around those towns. And NWA becoming a current hotspot is a very real event, but also very real that students didn’t start that outbreak, it’s very specific in the infection group, and those aren’t college students, and they wouldn’t have been around college students.

The early results back from a reported more than 3K tests of Minneapolis “protesters” has been a very small number of positive results. The numbers in the article I read indicated about1.4% positive in the 1300 known results. The internet sources on the other thread will have trouble with that result if it holds up.

It’s been 21 days since Memorial Day weekend, the numbers should have been going up. Maybe they all were from Arizona and Texas?

Montgomery has blown up, and the mayor has mentioned the beaches were a contributing factor. Mobile has blown up. Swine can find that map that shows the hot spots and many of those are along the beaches of AL and FL–and NWA.

In my opinion, the focus should be on deaths and hospitalizations.

Of course, the number of cases will rise as more people are tested. Not many have died from the disease. Hardly any healthy people have died from it.


The only people who can transmit it are those who have it. No matter how large the crowd, it’s not a problem unless infected people get close enough to uninfected people to infect them.

We know that the virus has spread in several places by a lot. (As Tuschawg said, it’s severe in Montgomery.) It doesn’t appear to be in other places. Apparently there are enough infected people in some of these spots to create large outbreaks. Apparently not enough in other places to cause large outbreaks. Places where people are concentrated indoors seem to be the most dangerous although outdoor soccer games in Europe accounted for a lot of the spread. We’ll see soon enough if the outbreaks in NWA become widespread or stay limited to the subgroups that have it.

375 died today from COVID. That is the 2nd lowest day since March 26th.

BTW, 7200 people died today from something other than COVID.

This is all from Clay Travis. Our friendly moderator has informed me that Travis is an idiot. However, no one ever disputes his numbers.

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No lectures please nea. I specifically talked about Minneapolis and events there. I don’t cover all the other areas as some do.

Wasn’t trying to lecture. Just giving my opinion on why there’d be so few.

Perhaps I need to take a break from this board.

You’re good. That other thread was mind numbing…

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i hope both you guys are wearing jeans.



Initially you did well to simply report what’s going on in your specific geographic location. But you’ll want to avoid a common “fallacy of inference” by taking your one datapoint and trying to characterize the larger population. What happened in MN may or may not accurately reflect what happens elsewhere.

The key point to understand is how many active cases you had in your protesting population (an unknown). Keep in mind active cases in nursing homes, prisons, and homeless shelters (sub populations who generally don’t participate in public protests), and of course, recovered cases and deaths won’t factor into any spike of new infections due to the protests.

Here in Reno we’ve had 3 weekends of protests, with only a handful of new cases … so far … linked directly to those. But I suspect we are not very representative of the protesting populations of New Orleans, New York, Atlanta, etc.