Don’t know where Clay will post but his fishing story

Is something! Clay, you are blessed!

I am not in any form or make-up a fisherman, but I love to hear stories
where people are enjoying the hours and days of their lives.
Then some are also very adept at conveying the many running emotions
of events that add so richly to our memories and lives.
Experiences are far more impactful than things that mere money can purchase.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for mentioning this column. Here is what he’s talking about: … s-fishing/

I’m almost done with vacation. Will be working again when Monday rolls around. I’m doing some chores over the next few days, like cleaning out the gutters of my house. Vacation does include chores.

Clay, my son-in-law was on the ladder cleaning out my gutters today. I’ll bet you can shame yours into doing the same!

Glad you could get away and relax. It’s going to get crazy again soon.

Awesome Trip and Article Clay! I would love that!! thanks for sharing!

You would not have to love fly fishing to enjoy the Silver Bow Club!

I am sure of that…I love the outdoors…nobody can paint like the Lord!! just enjoy the fresh air!

That’s it. Got to see all the different and majestic things he’s painted. I find it easy to pray when I see new things.

Nature is the ultimate canvas. We are blessed beyond measure.

What we have in Arkansas is pretty special.