Don’t forget about Army Navy

This game means so much. As a kid I never understood why it was televised. As an Academy grad there is no game I love more.

It is as billed “everyone playing is willing to die for everyone watching”.

Such polarizing times. We in the military do not serve Republicans or Democrats. We serve the Constitution and it’s people.

Enjoy this game and it’s selflessness and purity.


I remember when Army had three of the four backs make All American. Doc Blanchard,
FB, The QB, Arnold Tucker and the HB, I think Glen Davis. They won like 26 in a row in 45-46. They were my team and I still hate Notre Dame for beating them and breaking the streak. It was fun listening to the game on the radio before TV.

And Navy once had Clyde Scott!

Clay I read online that he resigned his Annapolis appointment when he met Miss Arkansas as her escort. I love that you bring out facts like these to light. Similar to Dudley and he knowing everything charles balentine.

I fremember him, Smackover Clyde. If I remember things right, when he left Navy he came to Arkansas as a freshman under the rules of the time. I was ten or eleven then.

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