Don’t deny your NCAA greatness

Ours is a special thing we can’t let die.

I was sitting on the floor right behind the L in Longhorns. Never will forget it… I’m looking up at the ball in midair, directly through the hoop – and it never left. I realized it was going in a split second before it did.

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It just doesn’t get any better than that. I know we’ve won more important games (let’s face it, nothing is bigger than the NC win), but in terms of going from sheer despair to absolute elation in an NCAAT game, I don’t think anything can top it.

Thing is, we’d outplayed Louisville the whole game & led up until the very end. In fact, the bucket UL hit with 5 seconds to go might have been the only time they led since very early in the game. I remember thinking at the time that we deserved the win but they’d somehow lucked out & were going to win it. I was watching it on TV with my wife. We both jumped up & yelled so loudly that I’m sure neighbors several doors way could have heard it.

Eddie’s teams often had trouble with the full court press, and UL pressed us to get back into the game. We were up by 8 late in the game before the press took hold. Also of note is that when Louisville scored with 18 seconds left to cut it to 1, we tried a baseball pass which went out of bounds and gave them the ball back to set up the follow shot.

Thanks for the details. All I remember is having a good lead that dissipated at the end that we got back on that final shot.

I cheated. WARMACHINE2013 posted the highlights on YouTube (he’s your go-to for YT Hog football and hoops highlights; stewhog does the baseball highlights) and I scanned through that looking for score graphics, but Marv Albert did mention an 8 point lead which is where I got that.

I remember watching that game with my Mom. She loved the basketball hogs. The next day I left home for my first real job out of state. Have not lived in Arkansas since that night. Great memory…

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