Don Oglesby

For some random reason, today I remembered Don and his many insightful posts on Razorback Basketball in earlier days on this forum. Hadn’t heard from or about him in quite a while. A search of this site turned up this short thread from a couple of years ago.

I suspect many who knew Don already know this, but I found this note about his passing last year. Just thought I’d post it here for others who might be wondering, or may in the future, about Don.

I always enjoyed his posts and the conversations they engendered. RIP Don.


Thanks for posting. I remember him just about every new basketball season. If I remember right, I believe for a few years, he was able to attend some pre-season basketball practices and would report back to the board on his insights. Miss him.

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Don always made a habit of attending as many Razorback basketball practices as possible and he always had some great reports and insights. I enjoyed his posts very much and always looked forward to reading them.


This is the first I’ve heard of his passing.Don was a very knowledgeable poster and a really good guy. It’s been a long time since he last posted, but I remember him very well.

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Don was an awesome man. Sweet spirt.


One of the best posters we’ve ever had!!!


Watched several practices with Don … wonderful guy who is missed.



I will always remember Don as Dog Lesby (his board name was doglesby). Good guy, great poster.


Thank you for posting this notice of his passing. I remember his contributions to the board and his informative, always positive commentary. I see from the note he was a Cornell graduate, a member of the Ivey League, playing basketball for the Big Red. I hope he was able to enjoy the 20-21 basketball season and the first Razorback Sweet Sixteen.

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DOG liked his Hog Basketball…cheers guy.

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Loved Don. Watched a few practices with Don as well.

Miss him.

Gas, I recall you having some bouts a few years ago. I am curious, did the two of you ever discuss health care. I see his associate with Mercy (CHI formerly SVI) and I am trying to remember if I met him while he was with SVI in LR. Redpig (formerly Dufus)

Don always brought a lot to this board. Hate the hear of his passing.

Yes he did.

I am so sorry to hear this. Like others have said, I always enjoyed his great practice reports.

Darnit. Don was a good ‘un,

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Yes, I was told about when he passed. His seats at Bud Walton were right in front of me. Got to know him well. He was not in good health last few years. He had not attended any games last two years.

Didn’t Know Don had Passed, hate to hear that!!He was a Great Poster and Loved the Hogs!! he was a great source of info for quite a while…

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His wife Shirley took great care of Don in his last couple of years. It is my recollection that she was an RN at SVI. They had retired to Beaver Lake and enjoyed their time there. She called me after his passing. Great lady.

Nolan welcomed Don at practice and also allowed him at pickup games in summer. That is sometimes where Don provided great insight.


Here is to a great hog fan and inside reporter! We lived on his words from his insight in practices and great observations. He is missed.