Don Larson died this evening

He was 90. For those to young to remember on October 8,1956 he pitched the only perfect and no hitter in game 5 of the World Series by defeating the Brooklyn Dodgers 2-0. I remember the game as a kid since I had just turned 8 4 days earlier. He was just an average pitcher who never won more more than 11 games in a season, but on that particular day he was magnificent. Yankee manager Casey Stengel took a chance on Larson’s no windup delivery and the Dodgers could never figure him out. I still remember Yankee catcher Yogi Berra jumping into Larson’s arms after the games final out. One of baseball’s fantastic games. I firmly believe this will never happen again in World Series history after all it is a record that has stood for 63 years now!

It took 50-plus years for another no-hitter in postseason play, Roy Halladay in 2010 in the NLDS. And sad that Halladay died before Larsen did.

on Yogi Berra day in 1998 i think…David Cone threw his perfect game at Yankees Stadium with Larsen and Berra watching…took only 88 pitches to do so

In Larsen’s perfect game, Pee Wee Reese was the only Dodger to reach a three-ball count.

Without looking it up, I think there was a nice running catch by Mickey Mantle that took away a possible hit, and another play where a sharp grounder was deflected by the third baseman to the shortstop who threw the batter out at first. He threw only 97 pitches to the 27 batters. Today they would take pitches, milk the count and it would probably take 120 pitches.