Don Daily and his crew were awful

We did not lose because of them. We lost because of the inability to finish up the basket and free-throw shooting. Surprise. Groundhog Day.

However, usually Daily calls a decent game. He was awful today. The whole crew was awful. Devo was baited into second technical. No way Reeves finishes with that many points if our best defender is in 18 more minutes. We never could get into a rhythm to try to rally because of the shenanigans of the officiating crew today.

I still continue to be puzzled by $1 billion conference that has accountants, lawyers, and real estate gurus officiating games.

Agree. There were some horrible calls today. I believe if they had ejected Tshiebwe for the elbow the rest of the game wouldn’t have gotten out of control from an officiating perspective. That just set the tone.

But losing was about not finishing at the rim, missing free throws, and poor defense. None of which are the trademark of a Muss coached team.


Ironically Daily is from Atkins Arkansas. Usually when I see him on the floor for one of our games, I feel like we are going to get a fair game all around. He had a bad, bad day today.

His partner, KB Burdette lives in Central Arkansas.

The refs didn’t beat us. Our shooting was even worse than normal (maybe UK had something to do with that), and we are not a good defensive team (especially when Devo loses his cool and spends much of the afternoon in the locker room).


I saw that. We definitely did not lose because of them. They were plenty of deficiencies in our game that led to the loss. However, as I mentioned Daily usually calls a fair game. It was a bad performance by their crew all around today. There were a lot of Ticky tack fouls called on us in the first half. They were not called on our end. I know we try to get our players to finish through contact, but in the first half we were not getting the same calls as Kentucky. The ejection was unwarranted.

Just a frustrating year all around. I have no idea how we ended up as the 10th Pl. team in the SEC.

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SEC officiating has been horrible all season when compared to watching games from other conferences.
For whatever reason they just can’t seem to help themselves from interjecting themselves in the game for Ticky tack foul calls.

That being said, todays game was 100% on our Hogs.
They weren’t up to the challenge, they didn’t shoot well again from the field, the paint or the FT line.
They didn’t rebound or defend well once again.
If these guys get bounced in the 1st game of the SEC Tournament I can’t see how in the committees eyes they would have earned an invite as an at large team.

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One more time…D1 Basketball Officials work multiple conferences. There is no such thing as an SEC exclusive Official.

Consequently, if officiating in the SEC is bad, it should be bad all over America.

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Just play street ball no bliss no foul. This refs sucked. Look at who was thrown out and who wasn’t. That’s all that needs to be looked at.
Just like the player earlier in the season that hit AB in the face on an inbounds play. The rule for an F-1 or F-2. The player today should have been received 2 fouls. The last one a F-2 sent to the locker hogs 2 free throws and the ball. Period.
But as usual we get screwed. Just like football or any other darn sport.
The hogs struggle to win anyway they find ways to get beat.
Just look at the 3 point deficit and Devo lost his mind and bang he gets a personal foul and 2 T’s sent to locker room and a 3 point game went back to 11! Pretty darn stupid for a player to do that.
Just like the Creighton game where he got an intentional foul by grabbing a player from behind.
That was only a 4 point swing.
If the hogs make just a few darn shots right at the rim today they won. But no they are so weak and lack discipline they are just a time bomb.

Stevie Wonder would have called “no basket” when the UK kid hung on the rim with one hand and dunked the ball with the other hand.

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