Dominique Johnson

What has happened to Johnson?

I think you will see him redshirt. Rocket is playing really well. Aj is a game changer and dubinion is a stud. Lots of competition in that room


Agree. And he’ll be 100% ready nxt yr.


It has been 9 months since his ACL surgery. I thought it asking too much to expect him to be full speed this season.


Are they thinking Rocket is gone next year? If not, next year will be even more competitive than this year.

One more year for Rocket, but yes, the RB room will be more crowded next year with Augustave coming in.

You can never have enough running backs. Ever


Dom has so far only played in 3 games

I just have a feeling if we are going to redshirt him, we will not see him until the last game of the season or the bowl game if we are bowl eligible. That would make 4 games and I think that’s all your allowed and still redshirt.

Just my opine

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He is injured.

Who is injured, Matt?

Dominique Johnson is injured. Sam said he will elaborate more on Monday.

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