Dominique Johnson

Needs more carries. That is all.


I’ve thought the same thing… HE should be our bell cow on those 4th downs. KJ get out of the shotgun, line up in the I and either QB sneak or give to Johnson.

I currently hate how we play in the gun on 4th and very short.


whatever we are doing on 4th down…it sucks. and whatever we are doing on 1st down. in fact when is the last time we SCHEMED an open player for an easy 1st down? I can’t think of once in the past 2 seasons. Rice and Ga southern found ways to get guys open. we have to depend on our players winning a 1 on 1 situation, but our OC just does not ever make it easy on the players.


Sanders is doing a really good job as well. I’m not down on Smith or Green, and I don’t have a problem playing three or four backs, but Sanders and Johnson have been the most effective of late.

All those guys run hard, and Smith is good at finishing runs for a small back. I think Green is going to be really good before too long. Having four good backs is kind of a nice problem to have for a change.

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Treylon Green has quit making north-south cuts like he did last year, has been missing doing that for about 5 games if not all year. He used to plant the foot and accelerate off the cut, not now. I suspect the OL has much blame to share. The 4th down plan that uses the OG-C-OG mesh is gonna fail because even Stromberg is getting out physicaled badly if that is point of attack. Without having a technical film to analyse, it seems that LG has been the weak link in the OL chain all year long, not the RG. Better minds are trying to find a solution but winnable games are slipping away while that answer is being sought. For explosive plays only Green is an option at RB currenly, all our RB’s have the dreaded potential to do the big damage but it ain’t happening so far. Here is hoping Sam can turn sage and take his’n and beat your’n or take your’n and beat his’n. Feels to me like Jim Chaney needed to take some of his time off last week and do some friend talking. Just saying.

There is no Treylon Green. There is a Trelon Smith and an AJ Green. Take your pick, or maybe both.


Whatever they are doing on offense has produced 38 first downs against Ole Miss and 28 first downs against Auburn. I get it about what you want to see on scheme. But it is the RPO. Decisions are left with the quarterback in this offense a bunch of the time. They outgained both Auburn and Ole Miss in total yards two weeks in a row. No one is ever perfect, but this offense has been pretty good the last two weeks. I didn’t say great, but pretty good. Can’t fumble the ball away in the end zone. That’s scoring for the other team and every gets that.

As far as the backs, it seems that some have gotten better blocking than others. All four of them do well when there is a decent opening. Seriously, if it’s an off tackle play and the linebacker guesses right on the quarterback’s read, they may get tackled for a short gain. None of them are breaking too many tackles in the hole.

I agree - I think they have schemed it up pretty darn well on offense given the available personnel . In fact, the offense has played better over the course of the year than I thought possible going in to the season.

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Yes clay and jackson have it the mail here. This rpo offense let’s the young qb make a lot of decisions and right now they are pretty good. When you can put up over 400 yards a game that is pretty damn good.

I like the plan and where we are going. I just hope briles stays another couple of years is all.

If he leaves I would think Loggains becomes the OC

With the exception of Georgia and Georgia had a lot to do with it, our offense has been at least good enough to win. I really do not understand the amount of frustration with Briles, except it being the frustration of losing. KJ was so good against Ole Miss, I am afraid some came to expect that this was the norm. He was more than decent against Auburn and I am very pleased with the QB and leader he has become. Those bringing up Heisman prior to the game, were over the top and certainly establish nearly unachievable expectations on KJ.

Getting back to Briles, there are things sitting in the stands that I wondered, but I don’t know his game plan and how his playcalling is setting up plays. Since we are like to think we know football and can call plays, it is certain there will be scratch your head plays. If I could talk to him, my main curiosity would be with the tight end play. At one point in the game we had some success with Henry, I believe he had two catches in a series and Kern even had a nice gain. Seems it was an area to exploit, but we did not keep it up. Along this same line of thinking, Knox was pretty effective versus Ole Miss, would he have been a weapon in some throws utilizing the Tight End?

Regardless, I see more positives than negatives and while I hate losing, I see a lot to like on offense. Just hope we can bring back that early season defensive effectiveness.


treylon smith is missing the cut, AJ Green is the best match for Briles style. Obviously got ahead of myself, my brain is much quicker than my typing. My apologies.

Treylon Green-Burkes would be a heckuva hybrid, receiver/RB. Great size, strength, hands, speed and the ability to stop, start and cut on a dime.Our genetic engineers should get to work on this.

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Baylor used big backs effectively- a lot- when Briles was there, so I don’t think that style makes much difference, other than at Baylor they had a mix of power and quick/speed guys, which we also have this year.

The bigger backs in our quartet, Sanders( 70 carries, 5.5 ypc) and Johnson (33 carries, 6.6 ypc), are doing fine.

Smith is averaging 5.2 ypc this year versus 5.3 last year, so he’s still productive. He has a lot more competition for playing time, and I think the three young guys all have a bit more talent. Green has 30 carries with a 5.3 avg., but I suspect that avg. will go up when he break some more long runs in the last five games.

bring back the wishbone for these 4th and short plays…put Smith;Green;and Sanders in the bone and flex Johnson out as a Tight end…that option play hasn’t been seen in about 25 years

We have some option pitch plays now, but KJ does not pitch very often. That’s the safe play, and with a big physical QB it’s understandable to favor him keeping it in short yardage situations. However, Auburn overplayed KJ to keep it Saturday in short yardage a couple of times, and I thought KJ missed at least one opportunity to pitch to the back that cost us.

The hogs failed scoring points! Total yards and out gaining an opponent or even time of possession is overrated when you fail to finish a score!
From where our hogs sat 2 seasons ago to this very moment we should all be thankful with the darn fight and heart these players show on the field!
I’m impressed with the way Coach Pittman and his staff have inspired and motivated the team!
I want our hogs to win as much as anyone but I’m proud of them all!
Improvement was my major thought when Coach Pittman was hired and he has done a remarkable job improving our Hogs.

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And he won’t know how to call plays, either. It seems the primary qualification for being a good offensive coach is to not be one but to watch the game from the stands or on TV. Those people always know how to do it. It’s the guys who are paid to that don’t understand it.

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Here is the thing about play callers. Not all plays get blocked the same and those usually are the ones that don’t work! There are a bunch who can call good plays. Most are designed perfectly. The professional playcallers never call one that they don’t think will work.


There is some predictability to some play callers and that leads to more of theirs getting blocked. The analytics are amazing in terms of how they are applied. I would assume we probably run some analytics on our on play calling to try to avoid predictability. I understand with the RPO more decisions are made by the QB. For a newer QB, that probably makes for more predictability. I get he’s also going to make mistakes.

But some play callers are clearly better than others. I thought Dan Enos was actually pretty good. (I may be a minority there, lol). CBP was as good as any I’ve ever seen. I understand it’s about execution too. There were some things done Saturday that were not high percentage plays for the down and distance we were in.

Just because you call a great play doesn’t mean the players execute it. They may step the wrong direction. They may not step at all. They may jump offside to ruin what was a great play all against a vulnerable defense. I’ve heard coaches tell me that they saw the first steps by a defender on a play that was blown dead and realized that they had called a TD play. But it never happened. The defensive coordinator may have seen it, too. So a second try at that play saw a different look. Amazing how that happens. It’s the stuff we never know, but we think we know.

Greg Davis is the first to have told me about plays he called that were blown up by a procedure penalty. Rockey Felker later told me the same thing. I’ve heard it from Mack Brown when he was OC at Oklahoma for Switzer. I liked Mack a lot. Another who explained that was Pat Jones, for one year the playcaller for Jimmy Johnson at OSU. He is the only person I’ve known who was a DC one year and the OC the next. Didn’t stay OC long.

One thing that gets overlooked as far as play calling, you don’t call the plays your players can’t execute. When you find out in practice they can’t run them, you delete them from the play list. Waste of time to call them.

Jimmy Johnson was gracious enough to allow the media coach the team in the spring game one year at OSU. Now, they had someone call the plays, but you stood with them and you could suggest one. We (the media) could help create a play in practice the day before the spring game when the squads practiced on different fields.

OSU had an All-Big Eight tight end. I wanted to run a TE drag. Bob Leahy was the OC and helped me with the structure of the play. We worked on it, but only from the right hash, with the TE on the right side. It turned out that that tight end had a bad ankle and the cut required to get open was easier for him to make going right to left.

So we had to wait for a point in the game that we had the situation perfect for that call. We finally got the chance and ran it for a 60-yard TD. The guy was an All Big-Eight TE. I celebrated “my call” and Jimmy Johnson did, too.

The next season, they ran that play three times and two went for TDs. I understood why they didn’t run it more. The guy could only run it one way and there were times the call didn’t fit the situation. Needed to be against man-to-man, and only with the ball on the right hash and when a LB would be covering him, not a DB. The TE wasn’t terribly fast and more of a great blocker.

The thing that was devilish was figuring out the protections and overall blocking scheme. The TE drag needs some time to develop. Sometimes you call it and the QB sees the defense and checks out of it. We don’t get any of that.