Dominique Bowman leaving?

Twitter is saying he has “left the staff”?


A buddy of mine texted me that he is gone so something is up but nothing reported yet that I have seen.

He is leaving. It’s not a surprise. I had heard for a few weeks that it was a possibility, but nothing concrete until tonight. His contract expires in February.

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Arkansas’ cornerbacks coach.

So what’s the real reason he’s leaving Matt? Did Pittman want him to leave bc poor performance or an attitude issue, or was it bc the new co-DC will run DBs? His players seemed to do well this year once QM was moved, especially considering all the injuries this year.

I don’t know why he’s leaving. He was hired in large part due to his ties to Barry Odom, so it is not a surprise to me to see him leave after Odom left.

Hmmm…maybe he is following Odom to UNLV.

I’m not sure that’s the case. I think Odom already has his defensive staff filled with the hiring of Scherer.

The AFCA convention begins today. I suspect Bowman might be there networking for something new.

Gotcha… thanks Matt.

This may be more an RD question but with this change does this have any impact on some of the DBs he recruited and we signed? It appears we brought in 2 really good new coaches so that may have soften the blow but just wondering if there has been any word from some of the recent kids coming on board. Thanks for all you do sir!

Do we have any other open coaching positions to fill? Can’t be easy for CSP to recruit & retain players under the circumstances where the players are unsure as to their position coaches. Hopefully now that Briles is remaining with the Razorbacks for 2023, most of the coaches are or will soon be in place & players & recruits understand who will be coaching them.

I think there is one open slot but no idea on how new DC wants to allocate duties. They could pocket the money and utilize Graduate Assistants or hire another coach for cornerbacks or safety\hybrid position depending on Woodson’s role. They currently have DC\linebacker, defensive line and one secondary position. Odom’s staff had four positions. I would bet on one more coach to be hired --to strengthen recruiting for defense.

Staff can have 10 full time assistants

New te coach

So they will hire someone to assist somewhere on defense and this person has to recruit

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