Dominic Fletcher

How would you like to smack one 420 feet only to have this happen to you?


Wow! Just amazing!

He can definitely go get the ball!!

Arizona needs to call Dom up or trade him. He’s in AAA now and batting over .300 and has zero errors in 123 chances playing centerfield in the 2022 season. AZ’s CFs are batting a combined .242 with 5 errors. Dominic would be an upgrade.


Phenomenal catch! GHG!

Rare talent.

You should have seen the batter’s reaction … and subsequent walk back to the dugout. :laughing:

Didn’t we already know he could make catches like this?


We got pretty spoiled with Benny, Dom and Franklin back to back to back. Webb is pretty good in center but those three made amazing plays routinely.

Absolutely we did.

And now the rest of baseball knows it.

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I gotta agree here.

Pretty routine to me.

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Unstinking real catch by Dom!!! Time for him to get called up Arizona!!!

You know Richard, now that you say that, I can channel that video of you running the 40 from a few years ago and can visualize you sprinting in your wing tips or hush puppies and diving to make that play.


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