Dominic Fletcher had a nice night tonight

Here is a recap from the night, including Dominic Fletcher’s near cycle: … -arkansas/

that pitching gave up 7 runs?

Yes, but it was mid-week and there was a big lead. The smart play with a lead is to throw strikes and let them hit it. You get in trouble with too many bases on balls. Still, giving up 7 runs is far too many. If this team is going to stay in the SEC lead, they are going to have to cut back on runs allowed. Your offense will not carry you far in the post season.

I think there is a lot of concern with the pitching staff overall. This team does not have good pitching depth and is heavily reliant on its starters. The three season-ending injuries gutted the bullpen and put a lot of pitchers in roles they weren’t expected to be in this year.

That said, I expect some runs to be given up in the midweek. It’s the nature of the game. There are few teams that have a pitcher who can go 6-7 innings on a Tuesday or Wednesday, so it’s usually Johnny Bullpen on the mound. There typically are some runs when that is the case.

I was a little surprised to see Jake Reindl struggle so much last night. He had been rock solid the past month but he did not look real comfortable. He’s pitched more in the past nine days than I think he has his entire career here. I wonder if he might have been a little tired.

The runs came before the big lead. Memphis scored three in the first to go up 3-0 and four in the fifth to tie the game 7-7.

I know everyone has said those pitching injuries are season ending, but is there any chance any of them could be back before the season ends? I thought Campbell’s injury was something on the order of a “sore” elbow. I’m sure that encompasses a wide range of possibilities, but since he pitched with it early, I thought he be better with a few weeks rest. What about the other injuries?

Campbell had surgery to remove bone spurs from his elbow. Given his draft potential next year, I don’t see any way he is hurried back and pitches this year.

McKinney and Scroggins both had Tommy John surgery. It’s not a stretch to think neither will pitch here again.

Thanks Matt. Yeah, no reason to rush Campbell. I assume you think McKinney & Scroggins will be drafted & won’t be back in school.

I think that will probably be the case for McKinney. I’m not sure on Scroggins. Tommy John can sometimes take up to 15 months to rehab if you are a pitcher. Scroggins had the surgery in March, so that means it could be June next year before he’s able to pitch again and not until 2019 for Arkansas. Do both parties want to wait that long?

Of course he could be back next year, too, if the rehab goes well.