Dominating win by USA in Ryder Cup

What a dominating win for USA, setting all sorts of records. Golf talent in USA is an embarrassment of riches, Love it when USA wins. The reason I love International sports.

I must say I am all wore out watching College and Pro football, Ryder Cup, Yankees-Red Sox series and of course Tennis. Going to take a holiday from watching TV until my Eagles take the field tomorrow evening.

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PJ, its been a great weekend for sure. You feeling good about Wednesday?

Europe went with the old guard. USA went with the young bucks. It was never a contest.

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It was time for the US to put the old guard away and play the young guys that can win!
The US team took the heart out of the European team on Friday and put them out of their misery on Saturday.
11 to 5 score heading into today was just too much and they destroyed the Europeans today. It’s about time.

I watched the replays late at night. Too busy - or driving - to watch live.

I did listen to play by play on the radio. That’s a little weird.

I did hear them explain that Stricker set up the course with wide fairways at 310-320. And picked all bombers.

Then left his guys alone. Let caddies hang out and made it comfy for everyone.

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They were talking on the radio broadcast (filling time for an hour plus after the USA clinched) that they will undoubtedly set up the 2023 Ryder Cup course in Italy to curtail those bombers. The fairway from 300-340 might require the players to walk single file.

That was mentioned on the TV broadcast as well.

Yes. I am relaxed about Nick.

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The last Cup in France was set up to hurt the US bombers… it worked.

Then I hope we pick our next team with that in mind. Select the guys most accurate off the tee. I’m tired of European wins in the Ryder Cup. Glad we won this one so handily.

I think you can expect to see Collin Morikawa on the team in Italy. He was 10th on Tour in driving accuracy last year and still averaged 295 off the tee. Daniel Berger was next among the USA team, 44th in accuracy and 296 off the tee.

Colin Morikawa better be on the team regardless of the course. He is next great golfer.

Then there’s Bryson DeChambeau, who, prickly personality aside, is the closest thing to John Daly’s grip it and rip it. He doesn’t care about hitting the fairway, and when you hit it 417 like he did the other day, hitting the fairway doesn’t matter as much. DeChambeau had to club down on a couple of the drivable par 4s; driver was too much club for driving the green. And if you can win a US Open like that, why change?

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