Dominant Wilkins no longer a hidden gem (story)...

He got with it yesterday at the Nike event … en-talent/

That interview did not make me feel good

me neither. Wilkins would be a big time loss if he signed with OU

That boy is going to OU.

The head coach and Camden is a big time OU fan, and I’m sure that is helping their case.

How do I know this? One of my very good friends is also a coach at Camden.

Idk why anyone is in suspense over this kid…he has clearly been headed to OU for several months now. He’s posted stuff on Twitter about wanting out of Arkansas.

It seems like we have more in state prospects leaning away from Arkansas than leaning towards us the lone in state commit we have I now feel like the only reason he went ahead and committed was because he started to see that others wasn’t as interested as he’d hoped after we offered idk I like our coaching staff though and for that reason I’m somewhat optimistic

Until there is ink on the NLI, its not over. He may very well end up at OU, but I could see this going several directions.