Dominant Season - Hogs already a lock for top 8 in RPI

I almost hate to mention this, but it is so impressive that I just think I must.

According to the “needs analysis” compiled by and posted by Boyd on his website, Arkansas need not win any of it’s last 13 games to maintain an RPI in the top 8.

Now, I’m NOT advocating we test that…and I know that even if it’s true, a 10 game losing streak would override RPI and we’d probably not even be hosting at all (though we might). Still, it speaks to the difficulty of our schedule YTD (and remaining, for that matter), as well as how well we’ve navigated it that we’ve got that many skins on the wall this early.

Fortunately, I don’t see that happening. I think we’d win all 13 before we’d lose all 13. I think we’ll finish the regular SEC with at least 20 wins, but most likely 21.

I can’t remember the way the brackets are set up for the SECT in Hoover. I expect we’ll win one or two there. I just don’t want to wear out arms for the next week.

But that sure is nice to see.

I’m all for testing out two guys to see if they can start and going home at SEC tourney.

I think we are a Great team but the frustrating part is we can’t seem to string together 3 good games in a row except at MS. We have lost games to teams like Aub, SC, Tam, LSU that we are clearly better than and that can make things more interesting than we like in the postseason, because we only have 3- 4 pitchers that we can rely on.
The offense is elite but all of sudden out of nowhere we can’t hit a lick like game 2 Sat after scoring 17,Tam scoring 2 in 10 inn after scoring 13. There is just enough inconsistency that keeps showing up makes u little nervous because 1 out 3 games every weekend looks nothing like the other two. Wicklander needs to stay Razor sharp,Pallette has been pretty good lately ,hope he can get even sharperTime to put in high gear and go into post season on a roll.

Top 4 seeds go directly into double elim games on Wednesday and Thursday. Win both, you’re through to semis Saturday. Lose one, elim game on Friday. (Lose both, of course you go home). Semis and finals are single elimination.

Also, if we’re the 1 seed and Vandy and Moo U are 2 and 3, we can’t see either one until Sunday. When presumably Rocker and Leiter will have already been burned.

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