Dom goes deep

Off Yu Darvish. But Italy loses to Japan in the WBC quarterfinals.

I saw where he was 3-4 for the game, including 2-2 against Ohtani.

That’s a good night.

Hitting one off Darvish is saying something because he literally has about 7-8 pitches and will throw them at any time and very few of them are coming in straight

Darvish gave up 33 dingers one year with Cubs. Averages almost 19 in 10 MLB seasons. Dude will give up a long ball. If you are gonna get one, Darvish is the guy. He will hang a breaker.

Yeah if you guess right you can hit one off of him but you sure as heck don’t know what’s coming most of the time. There’s a reason he’s 20 games over 500 in wins for his career…

It’s NOT guessing. It’s getting a hanger. He definitely leaves a lot of pitches up. He throws a lot of junk. And it does not always move. The hangers get deposited in the seats. Solo shots don’t hurt him. But he has given up 187 homers. He knows what he’s doing but he will give up homers. Two solo shots does not hurt you. It’s walks and homers that hurt. I’d take him on my team.

Your comment suggested it’s hard to hit homers against him. Well, he does give up plenty. They just don’t hurt him. His ERA is great for number of homers.

Yeah I would definitely take him on my team BC he’s averaged almost 11K/9 in his career and only gives up 7hits/9…He’s making a lot of money because of that… Either way I’m proud of Dom he got a hold of one. Hope he can make it to the big leagues one day.