Dogs and QBs

I read what Clay said about this and it seems his dogs did not know much. I took my lab and my wife’s little poodle out with me to check my irrigation water and pivot and thought about this. I figured my lab was as good as his and the little one, I call her “squirt”, is very smart so I started talking about Razorback QBs. They just looked at me like, “What?”. Then I asked about the Oline and could they do anything to help whoever is the QB? Perhaps they heard the tone in my voice, but both of them just laid down on the seat of the Ranger and whinned. I swear, that is what happened. Of course, when we got back to the house they got all excited because they knew that is when they get a treat.

Here it is one week before the season and all we have to talk about is our dogs (everybody loves dogs and I don’t have anything for anyone that doesn’t), because we don’t have an Oline or QB. Other than that, all is great! One thing for sure. Lucy and Squirt will always get excited to ride with me in the Ranger to go check the water and they will wag their tales no matter how bad the Oline really is. We do know that.

My 12 year old Golden just looks at me like I’m crazy and goes back to taking his naps when we talk football. It’s so hot here in Louisiana, all he wants to do is get in our swimming pool or pond these days. I think this is his way of telling me you’re just gonna have to wait & see, let it all play out.

Hogdr, your post is the winner out of all the dog storys

Okay I’ll join this trend. I put the questions to my Australian Shepard. He jumped up and licked me in the face. I think that means: “come play - it will be fun” or “I’m sorry Dad.” I’m hoping for the first; however, as smart as he is, ball related sports are not Jago’s strength.

Before she passed away in May I asked my beloved britney spaniel Pumpkin who the greatest QB of all time was. I think she said Bark Star.When I asked her about the Hogs quarterback situation she went all James Gang on me. Yep, she just turned her pretty head and walked away.

They talk back when food is in the picture, but rarely about football.

I love these Post. Our relationships with our dogs is special. It is funny how they react to us about things we do like football. What’s the Matter? I really think mine read something in my tone that caused the reaction about the Oline.

Oh yes, treats always get the same reaction.

They definitely are tuned in to your tone and mood. When we had our chocolate lab, she would slink away to another room when I watched the Hogs. My Aussie is more brave and will come to my comfort when things aren’t going well.

I don’t have a pure breed. Probably should just call her a mutt because she’s got spots like a Dalmatian, the face of a pit bull and the size of a Terrier. I was told when we got her it was a Bull-Terrier. Anyway, a mutt may be just what we need to clear up this mutt of a mess we have at QB. Check back with me later. She’s sleeping now. It’s her 18th nap of the day.

Thing is, my Golden is ALWAYS happy to see me when I get home, unlike some of the others that reside under my roof! He is a good bone consumer, and the rest of my people are good about making him some good bones to devour. He’s laying at my feet right now all stinky &snoring, after a hot day in & out of the pool.

How could I have missed this thread?

My dogs are used to me yelling at the TV during games. Although my new (to me) German Shorthaired Pointer still starts a little bit. I’ve never asked them about the team. I think that Khoa (the new one) would probably give me bad advice. After all, she lived in College Station for the first 8 years of her life. She is still getting used to Fayetteville. And I can’t ask Colt; he is back in the White Mountains of Arizona for summer camp.