Dog days of summer...

Happy 4th everyone! This is the day I tell myself that football is just around the corner. From now till August things are somewhat unbearable sports-wise for me. When the front page story of the ADG is men’s (professional?) softball you know you’ve hit rock bottom. Seriously, if ten people read that article I’d be shocked.

The good news is football is only a month away. Stories on fall practice will be here soon, and we’ll begin to find out all the things we’ve been anxious about. So what’s your big question you want answered in August? Mine involved the Oline. Top of that list: Who’s going to be our left tackle?

My guess, Colton Jackson will be LT to start the first game. Will he be able to hold on to his job?

Yep, Oline. Just critical, absolutly 100% critical!!! Get that and everything else falls in place. Without it, and it is just a scramble all season with little hope.

The other day I stubled across the 78 Orange Bowl. OU was so good. We won that game with very good Oline play first, a good defense with a sound game plan, and heart, but the key was the Oline getting us those first downs.

I did enjoy watching the wishbone (man could they run that thing) and the veer. Those were fun offenses. No way to follow the ball.

Bottom line, you can beat anybody if you get solid Oline play.

I am totally confident that CBB will have an outstanding O-line in place by game time. Even if he has to suit up himself.

We are under two months now

'Til football time - - and counting

Fever’s growing on my brow

Anticipation’s mounting