Does UA make money for hosting NCAA Tournament games?


I bet they get concession revenue at a minimum. Someone more informed than I can comment on gate.

As I understand it, UA and every other host school makes a bid to the NCAA including how much money they’re willing to pay the NCAA to host. But if they make more in ticket sales than the bid, they keep the profit.

I just did a little Googling and learned that because of COVID the NCAA did not require a minimum guarantee from the schpol to host this year, but typically the school has to say it will cover so much. This also includes some expenses like hotels for visiting NCAA officials (but not the umps; the NCAA pays that directly).

I also saw that the umps who work Omaha get paid like $6500 for the week and a half, plus per diem, etc. Imagine making $6500 to be as bad as Perry Costello is for less than two weeks work. Umps at a regional and super make less than $2000.

And he is there year after year after year after year …

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I always heard it was a break even proposition at best. Of late, maybe they do make a little. Whether that is different now, not sure. The reason to host is to gain a competitive advantage by playing at home, not for making a lot of money.

I know the restaurants, bars, and hotels love it when we host. Lots of extra business for hopefully 2 consecutive weekends

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